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Blackhall, Alexander

Biography: Humanist in Southwark. "He sent from London threttine fair volumes for a help to the librairie of the said colledge, with other four of lesse volume, making in all 17. Likewise he sent thereafter, anno 1643, eleven punds sterling to be disposed for the good of the colledge, as the principall should think good. And at his death, he left in the hands of Mr John Turing, at London, the half of his bookes to the colledge, and fiftie punds sterling to be peyit after his wifes decease, anno 1648."

From Provenance Catalogue: Alexander Blackhall sent several books, and later some money, to King's College Library in the 1640s. He bequeathed half of his library plus £50 to King's College Library and these arrived in 1648-9.

Biography Date: fl. 1640-1648

Biography References: Prov. Reg. Notes (Fasti Aberdonenses, Aberdeen, 1854, p.534-5.)

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