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Skene, Alexander

Biography: Either: Given book by Gordon, 1565. Or: Of Newtyle. Magistrate in Aberdeen, local politician, Quaker and author. Born or baptised Aberdeen 1621. Joined the Aberdeen merchant guild 1625 aged only 3. Enrolled Marischal Coll., 1637. Involved in commercial matters. Elected to town council 1648. Dean of guild 1650. Ruling elder of the Aberdeen kirk session 1651. Elected baillie 1656. Purchased the estate of Newtyle 1657, thereafter referred to as "of Newtyle". Virtually retired from public life. Paid to rebuild Aberdeen's Well of Spa 1670. Elected baillie and elder 1670-1. Converted to Quakerism 1671. Spent time in the Tolbooth prison 1676-9 when Quakers were persecuted in Aberdeen. Compiled a history of the Quakers in Aberdeen in the early 1680s, published 4 other works on behalf of the Quakers. Also published work on civic government and urban history. Died Aberdeen 1694. or: Regent, King's Coll., 1580-1.

Biography Date: Either: fl. 1565 or: 1621?-94 or: fl. 1580-1

Biography References: Either: CERL; ESL 38; or: CERL; DNB; or: Fasti 52

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