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Scheves, William

Biography: Archbishop of St Andrews. Determinant in the faculty of arts at University of St Andrews 1454, presented for licence in arts 1456, teaching in the university by 1460. Appeared at court 1471, receiving a pension for services as a physician. Possibly educated in medicine at Louvain by John Spierinck, a physician and astrologer, had a connection with Louvain later in life. Archdeacon of St Andrews 1449. Archbishop of St Andrews 1478. Nearly lost his archbishopric 1482, during the Lauder crisis. Ambassador to England, France and Rome. Visited the continent 1491. Died 1497.

Biography Date: or before 1440, d.1497

Biography References: Prov. Reg. Notes; CERL; DNB; ESL 47;

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