Black, John

Biography: Master of the Song School 1556-87, Dominican friar, in Aberdeen 1544-1550 and other Dominican houses, at the time of his death was second master (lic. in theology) at St. Mary's, St. Andrews, confessor to Mary, Queen of Scots, preacher to her and Archbp Hamilton, seriously assaulted Feb 1566 and murdered on the same night as David Rizzio, 9 Mar 1566.

From Provenance Catalogue: In 1544 John Black was Assistant-Master at St Nicholas Song School under Fethy, whom he later succeeded as Master. He left at the Reformation but was Master again in 1573.

Biography Date: fl. 1554-1566, d.1566

Biography References: Prov. Reg. Notes, CERL; DNB; Drummond 295; ESL 76; Keith, A.: A thousand years of Aberdeen.

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