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Fraser, Jac M.T. Ciceronis opera quae extant omnia. Cicero, Marcus Tullius London 1681
Fraser, James A conference about the next succession to the crown of England : divided into two parts. The first containeth the... London 1681
Fraser, James Systema agriculturae: the mystery of husbandry discovered Worlidge, John London 1681
Fraser, James A third defence of the cause of peace Baxter, Richard London 1681
Matt. Mackaile Telluris theoria sacra : orbis nostri originem et mutationes generales, quas aut mam subiit aut Burnet, Thomas London 1681 - 1689
Boswell, David The abridgment of the history of the Reformation of the Church of England. Burnet, G. London 1682
Boswell, James The abridgment of the history of the Reformation of the Church of England. Burnet, G. London 1682
Fraser, James The true history of councils enlarged and defended, against the deceits of a pretended vindicator of the Primitive Church Baxter, Richard London 1682
Fraser, Jac The laws of Jamaica passed by the Assembly and confirmed by his majesty in Council, Feb. 23, 1683. London 1683
Fraser, James The whole art of the stage Aubignac, François-Hédelin London 1684
Fraser, James Short memoirs for the natural experimental history of mineral waters, addressed by way of letter to a friend Boyle, Robert London 1684
Matt. Mackaile The theory of the earth : containing an account of the original of the earth and of all the general... Burnet, Thomas London 1684
Fraser, James Chartophylax ecclesiasticus, quo prope 1500 scriptores ecclesiastici eorumque patria, ordo, secta, munera, aetas et obitus : editiones operum... Cave, William London 1685
Fraser, James A discourse about the charge of novelty upon the reformed Church of England, made by the Papists asking of us... Hascard, Gregory London 1685
Fraser, James The life of William Bedell, D.,D. Bishop of Kilmore in Ireland Burnet, Gilbert London 1685
Matt. Mackaile Some animadversions upon a book intituled The theory of the earth Croft, Herbert London 1685
Fraser, Jac The conclave of physicians. In two parts, detecting their intrigues frauds and plots against their patients. Harvey, Gideon London 1686
Douglas, William Risalat Hayy ibn Yaqzan Ibn Tufayl, Muhammad ibn 'Abd al-Malik London 1686
Fraser, James English examples of the Latine syntaxis Walker, William London 1686
Fraser, James The school of the Eucharist established Bridoul, Toussain London 1687
Scalan The history of the most renowned and victorious Princess Elizabeth, late queen of England containing all the most important and... Camden, W. London 1688
Fraser, Jac The royal commentaries of Peru, in two parts. Vega, Garcilaso de la London 1688
Fraser, James Johannis Pearsonii ... Opera posthuma chronologica, &c., viz. De serie et successione primorum Romae episcoporum dissertationes duae; quibus praefiguntur Annales... Pearson, John London 1688
Fraser, James La politique des Jesuites Monpersan, de, L London 1688
Fraser, Jac Politica sacra & civilis. Lawson, George London 1689
Fraser, Jac Some observations upon the ecclesiastical jurisdiction of the kings of England. Washington, Robert London 1689
Fraser, James Telluris theoria sacra : orbis nostri originem & mutationes generales quas aut jam subiit aut olim subiturus est complectens. Burnet, Thomas London 1689
Matt. Mackaile Telluris theoria sacra : orbis nostri originem & mutationes generales quas aut jam subiit aut olim subiturus est complectens Burnet, Thomas London 1689
Fraser, Jac Memoires relating to the state of the Royal Navy of England. Pepys, Samuel London 1690
Fraser, James Gerardi Joan. Vossii et clarorum virorum ad eum Epistolae Vossius, Gerardus Joannes London 1690
Matt. Mackaile An answer to the late exceptions made by Mr Erasmus Warren against the theory of the earth Burnet, Thomas London 1690
Matt. Mackaile Geologia Warren, Erasmus London 1690
Fraser, James The morals of Confucius London 1691
Mackaile, Matt. Archacologiae philosophicae : sive Doctrina antiqua de rervm originibvs. Burnet, Thomas London 1692
Fraser, James Several miscellaneous and weighty cases of conscience, learnedly and judiciously resolved by Thomas Barlow Barlow, Thomas London 1692
Johnston, William Medicinal experiments. Boyle, R. London 1693
A., I. Medicinal experiments. Boyle, R. London 1693
Fraser, Jac A new historical relation of the kingdom of Siam. La Loubere, Simon de London 1693
Fraser, Jac The history of the Church of Malabar from the tine of its being first discover'd by the Portuguezes in the... Geddes, Michael London 1694
Fraser, Jac Mr. Worlidge's two treatises : the first, of improvement of husbandry ... the second, a treatise of cyder and of... Worlidge, John London 1694
Fraser, Jac Poems, &c. written upon several occasions, and to several persons. Waller, Edmund London 1694
Fraser, James Pleas of the crown: or, a methodical summary of the principal matters relating to that subject Hale, Matthew London 1694
Sutherland, G. The principles of the Cyprianic age, with regard to episcopal power and jurisdiction: asserted from the writings of St Cyprian... Sage, J. London 1695
Fraser, Jac An essay upon ways and means of supplying the war. Davenant, Charles London 1695
Fraser, Jac Christianity not mysterious. Toland, John London 1696
Fraser, Jac The church-history of Ethiopia. Geddes, Michael London 1696
Fraser, Jac A twofold vindication of the late Arch-Bishop of Canterbury and of 'The author of The history of religion'. Howard, Robert, Sir London 1696
Fraser, James The antiquities of Palmyra. : Containing the history of the city, and its emperors, from its foundation to the present... Seller, Abednego. London 1696
Fraser, James The treatise of the figures at the end of the rules of construction in the Latin grammar construed Stockwood, John London 1696
Fraser, Jac A second vindication of the reasonableness of Christianity, &c. / By the author of the Reasonableness of Christianity, &c. Locke, John London 1697