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Fraser, James The life of William Bedell, D.,D. Bishop of Kilmore in Ireland Burnet, Gilbert London 1685
Fraser, James Several miscellaneous and weighty cases of conscience, learnedly and judiciously resolved by Thomas Barlow Barlow, Thomas London 1692
Fraser, James The fatal effects of arbitrary power and the dangerous condition of court-favorites, demonstrated by the wicked intrigues of the court... Pérez, Antonio London 1715
Fraser, James Enthusiasmus triumphatus More, Henry London 1656
Fraser, James Bellum papale, sive, Concordia discors Sixti Quinti, et Clementis Octavi, circa Hieronymianam editionem. Praeterea in quibusdam locis gravioribus habetur comparatio... James, Thomas London 1678
Fraser, James Ezechielis Spanhemii ... Orbis romanus :seu, Ad constitutionem Antonini ... exercitationes duae Spanheim, Ezechiel London 1703
Matt. Mackaile The theory of the earth : containing an account of the original of the earth and of all the general... Burnet, Thomas London 1684
Matt. Mackaile Telluris theoria sacra : orbis nostri originem et mutationes generales, quas aut mam subiit aut Burnet, Thomas London 1681 - 1689
Matt. Mackaile Telluris theoria sacra : orbis nostri originem & mutationes generales quas aut jam subiit aut olim subiturus est complectens Burnet, Thomas London 1689
Matt. Mackaile An answer to the late exceptions made by Mr Erasmus Warren against the theory of the earth Burnet, Thomas London 1690
Matt. Mackaile Some animadversions upon a book intituled The theory of the earth Croft, Herbert London 1685
Matt. Mackaile Geologia Warren, Erasmus London 1690
Browne, Edward The golden legend. Jacobus,de Voragine London 1487?
Gunn, Neil Clyde Waters Lindsay, Maurice London 1958
Gunn, Neil Till 21 Henderson, Keith London 1970
Gunn, Neil Rings on a tree MacCaig, Norman London 1968
Gunn, Neil A Scots Hairst Gibbon, Lewis Grassic London 1967
Gunn, Neil Stoats in the sunlight Conn, Stewart London 1968
Gunn, Neil The exiled heart Lindsay, Maurice London 1957
Gunn, Neil The big windows O'Donnell, Peadar London 1955
Gunn, Neil Oddments inklings omens moments poems Reid, Alastair London 1954
Gunn, Neil A common grace MacCaig, Norman London 1960
Gunn, Neil Surroundings MacCaig, Norman London 1966
Gunn, Neil A round of applause MacCaig, Norman London 1962
Gunn, Neil Measures MacCaig, Norman London 1965
Gunn, Neil The paying guest Blake, George London 1949
Gunn, Neil The big house Naomi Mitchison London 1950
Gunn, Neil A spell for old bones Linklater, Eric London 1949
Gunn, Neil Out of the pit Pick, J.B. London 1951
Gunn, Neil The China run Paterson, Neil London 1948
Gunn, Neil And Delilah Paterson, Neil London 1951
Gunn, Neil Under the crust Pick, J.B. London 1946
Gunn, Neil The ghosts of the strath Drinan, Adam London 1943
Gunn, Neil The expectant silence Soutar, William London 1944
Gunn, Neil No crown for laughter Lindsay, Maurice London 1943
Gunn, Neil Kate Kennedy Bottomley, Gordon London 1945
Gunn, Neil M. Bridge Head Mayne, Rutherford London 1939
Gunn, Neil M. Grey granite Gibbon, Lewis Grassic London 1934
Gunn, Neil M. Mary Read Birdie, James and Gurney, Claud London 1935
Gunn, Neil M. The wild Macraes Barke, James London 1934
Gunn, Neil M. Marriage is no joke Bridie, James London 1934
Gunn, Neil M. Colonel Wotherspoon Bridie, James London 1935
Gunn, Neil M. After strange gods Eliot, T. S. London 1934
Gunn, Neil M. Eden river Bullet, Gerald London 1934
Gunn, Neil M. archy's life of mehitabel Marquis, Don London 1934
Gunn, Neil M. John Mistletoe Morley, Christopher London 1931
Gunn, Neil M. The world his pillow Barke, James London 1933
Gunn, Neil M. Grand Canary Cronin, A. J. London 1933
Gunn, Neil M. Poor Tom Muir, Edwin London 1932
Gunn, Neil M. Swiss family Manhattan Morley, Christopher London 1932