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Grant, Archibald Modern Eden : or, The gardener's universal guide. Rutter, John London 1769
Abercromby of Birkenbog Modern Eden. Rutter, J. London 1767
Rolsone, William Moses and Jethro. Reading, J. London 1626
Fraser, Jac Mr. James Pierce's remarks on Dr. Wells's letters to Mr. Peter Dowley, and to a dissenting parishioner, with his several... Pierce, James London 1711
Fraser, Jac Mr. Worlidge's two treatises : the first, of improvement of husbandry ... the second, a treatise of cyder and of... Worlidge, John London 1694
Fraser, James Mysterion tes Hanomias. That is, Another part of The Mystery of Jesuitism; or The new heresie of the Jesuites, publickly... Arnauld, Antoine London 1664
Gunn, Neil M. Mysticism throughout the ages Gall, Edward London 19--
Hollis, Thomas New experiments and observations on electricity. Franklin, Benjamin London 1754
Gunn, Neil M. No castle in Spain McPhee, William London 1933
Gunn, Neil No crown for laughter Lindsay, Maurice London 1943
Fraser, James Notable revolutions beeing a true relation of what hap'ned in the United Provinces of the Netherlands in the years MDCL... Aitzema, Lieuwe van London 1653
Burnet, Jas. Nova et methodica, institvtio lingvae Hebraeae & Chaldaeae. Bythner, V. London 1635
Grant, Archibald Observations in husbandry. Lisle, Edward London 1757
Grant, Archibald Observations on live stock, containing hints for choosing and improving the best breeds of the most useful kinds of domestic... Culley, George London 1786
Grant, Archibald Observations on modern gardening, illustrated by descriptions. Whately, Thomas London 1771
Gunn, Neil Oddments inklings omens moments poems Reid, Alastair London 1954
Fraser, James Oeuvres diverses de Mr. Rousseau Rousseau, Jean-Baptiste London 1723
Grant, Archibald Of husbandry, in twelve books, and his book concerning trees. Columella, Lucius Junius Moderatus London 1745
Fraser, James Of that heart and its right soveraign and Rome no mother-church to England Jones, Thomas London 1678
Fraser, James Of the right of churches, and of the majistrates power over them Du Moulin, Lewis London 1658
Dickens, Charles On organization: an essay. Helps, Sir Arthur London 1860
Read, Alexander Opuscula quaedam posthuma Andrewes, Lancelot, 1555-1626 London 1629
Gunn, Neil Out of the pit Pick, J.B. London 1951
Read, Alexander Papatus Romanus: liber de origine, progressu, atque extinctione ipsius. De Dominis, M.A. London 1617
Read, Alex. Paradisi in sole, paradisus terrestris. Parkinson, J. London 1629
Fraser, James Paraenesis ad aedificatores imperii in imperio : in qua defenduntur jura magistratus adversus mosem Amyraldum Dumoulin, Louis London 1656
Gunn, Neil M. Paris Reid, Alexander. London 1965
Fraser, Jac Patronus bonae fidei in causa Puritanorum contra hierarchicos Anglos, ut disceptatur in specimine confutationis Johannis Durelli, cujus periculum fit, cum... Du Moulin, Lewis London 1672
Sinclair, Robert Petri Suavis Polani historiae Concilii Tridentini libri octo, ex Italicis summa fide & accuratiione Latini facti. Sarpi, P. London 1620
Mackenzie, William Pharmacopoeia Londinensis : or, The London dispensatory. Further adorned by the studies and collections of the fellows, now living of... Culpeper, Nicholas London 1661
Sutherland, G. Philosophicall rudiments concerning government and society. Or, A dissertation concerning man in his severall habitudes and respects, as the member... Hobbes, T. London 1651
Sudderland, James Philosophicall rudiments concerning government and society. Or, A dissertation concerning man in his severall habitudes and respects, as the member... Hobbes, T. London 1651
Fraser, Jac Physiognomie and chiromancie, metoposcopie, the symmetrical proportions and signal moles of the body, fully handled. Saunders, Richard London 1653
Gunn, Neil M. Piping George Gordon, Jan London 19--
Hollis, Thomas Plato redivivus; or, A dialogue concerning government. Neville, Henry London 1763
Fraser, Jac Plato redivivus. Neville, Henry London 1681
Fraser, James Pleas of the crown: or, a methodical summary of the principal matters relating to that subject Hale, Matthew London 1694
Coe, Mathew Pleasant and delightfull dialogues in Spanish and English, profitable to the learner, and not unpleasant to any other reader. Minsheu, J. London 1599
Fraser, Jac Poems, &c. written upon several occasions, and to several persons. Waller, Edmund London 1694
Gunn, Neil M. Poet's pub Linklater, Eric London 1932
Fraser, Jac Politica sacra & civilis. Lawson, George London 1689
Gunn, Neil M. Poor Tom Muir, Edwin London 1932
Fraser, James Portrait-royal : a poem upon Her Majesty's picture ... drawn by Mr. Closterman. Tate, Nahum London 1703
Grant, Archibald Practical agriculture : or, A complete system of modern husbandry. Dickson, R. W. London 1805
Fraser, Jac Precious faith considered in its nature, working and growth. Polhill, Edward London 1675
Gunn, Neil M. Prometheus and Epimetheus Spitteler, Carl London 1931
Fraser, James Reflections on Dr. Fleetwood's Essay upon miracles, showing the absurdity, falsehood,, and danger of his notions Gilbert, John London 1706
Fraser, Jac Reflections on some assertions and opinions of Mr. Dodwell, contain'd in a book entituled An epistolary discourse proving that the... Whitby, Daniel London 1707
Hollis, Thomas Reflections on the government of Indostan. Scrafton, Luke London 1770
Keith, Wm., 6th Earl Marischal Reformation legum ecclesiasticarum, ex authoritate primum regis Henrici 8. inchoata, deine per regium Edovardum 6. provecta. Church of England. London 1661