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Fraser, James An enquiry into the right use and abuses of the hot, cold, and temperate baths in England. Floyer, John London 1697
Fraser, James The knowledge of medals Jobert, Louis London 1697
Fraser, James Markou Antoninou tou autokratoros ton eis heauton biblia XII = Marci Antonini Imperatoris De rebus suis, sive de eis quae... Marcus Aurelius London 1697
Fraser, Jac A late voyage to St. Kilda : the remotest of all the Hebrides, or western isles of Scotland. Martin, Martin London 1698
Fraser, James A short vindication of The relapse and The provok'd wife from immorality and prophaneness, by the author Vanbrugh, John London 1698
Fraser, James An essay proving we shall know our friends in Heaven Philaret London 1698
Fraser, Jac The anatomy of a pygmie compared with that of a monkey, an ape, and a man Tyson, Edward London 1699
Fraser, James The arguments of Monsieur Herard for ... the Duke of Mazarin, against ... the Dutchess of Mazarin . Erard, Claude London 1699
Fraser, Jac Brabantia illustrata, sive Castella & praetoria nobilium Brabantiae, coenobiaque celebriora ad vivum delineata. London 17??
Fraser, Jac The history of the reign of Lewis XIII, King of France and Navarre . Le Vassor, Michel London 1700
Fraser, Jac Essays on divers weighty and curious subjects. Parker, Samuel London 1702
Fraser, Jac La Liturgie, cest a dire le formulaire des prieres publiques de l'administration des sacremens et des autres ceremonies ... selon... Church of England London 1702
Fraser, Jac The true interest and political maxims of the Republick of Holland and West-Friesland. Court, Pieter de la London 1702
Fraser, James Eusebia triumphans, carmen Hannonianis Imperiali coronae Angliae successoribus dictatum Settle, Elkanah London 1702
Fraser, James The history of the convocation of the prelates and clergy of the province of Canterbury summon'd to meet on Feb.... Kennett, White London 1702
Fraser, Jac The city and countrey purchaser, and builder's dictionary. Neve, Richard London 1703
Fraser, James Portrait-royal : a poem upon Her Majesty's picture ... drawn by Mr. Closterman. Tate, Nahum London 1703
Fraser, James M. Val. Martialis epigrammata Martial London 1703
Fraser, James Ezechielis Spanhemii ... Orbis romanus :seu, Ad constitutionem Antonini ... exercitationes duae Spanheim, Ezechiel London 1703
Fraser, James The common accidence examined and explained by short questions and answers Hoole, Charles London 1704-05
Keith, John (of Inverurie) Lexicon manuale graeco-latinum, & latino-graecum. Schrevelius, C. London 1705
Fraser, Jac Historical discourses, upon several occasions. Walker, Edward London 1705
Fraser, James Advices from Parnassus : in two centuries. With the political touchstone, and an appendix to it Boccalini, Traiano London 1705
Boswel, Alex. Archaeologia graeca, or, The antiquities of Greece. (2 vols.) Potter, J. London 1706
Fraser, James A confutation of the reason and philosophy of atheism Wise, Thomas London 1706
Fraser, James An apologetical vindication of the Church of England, in answer to her adversaries who reproach her with the English heresies... Hickes, George London 1706
Fraser, James Reflections on Dr. Fleetwood's Essay upon miracles, showing the absurdity, falsehood,, and danger of his notions Gilbert, John London 1706
Fraser, Jac Reflections on some assertions and opinions of Mr. Dodwell, contain'd in a book entituled An epistolary discourse proving that the... Whitby, Daniel London 1707
Fraser, James A philippick oration to incite the English against the French but especially to prevent the treating of a peace with... Schinner, Mathaus cardinal London 1707
Fraser, James A sermon preach'd at the funeral of the right noble William duke of Devonshire in the church of All-Hallows in... Kennet, White. London 1708
Primatt, Humphrey Synopsis canonum S.S. apostolorum, et conciliorum oecumenicorum & provincialium, ab ecclesia Graeca receptorum : nec non conciliorum, decretorum & legum... Howel, Laurence London 1708
Fraser, Jac An address to the Jews by John Xeres : containing his reasons for leaving the Jewish and embracing the Christian... Xeres, John London 1710
Boswell, Alexander (Lord Auchinleck) The works of Armand de Bourbon, Prince of Conti. Conti, Armand de Bourbon. London 1711
Fraser, Jac An historical preface to primitive Christianity reviv'd. Whiston, William London 1711
Fraser, Jac Mr. James Pierce's remarks on Dr. Wells's letters to Mr. Peter Dowley, and to a dissenting parishioner, with his several... Pierce, James London 1711
Fraser, Jac Georgii Buchanani Scoti ad viros sui seculi clarissimos, eorumque ad eundem, Epistolae. Buchanan, George London 1711
Grant, Archibald The whole art of husbandry : or, The way of managing and improving the land. Mortimer, John London 1712
Fraser, James The history of England; or, Memorials of the English affairs, from the suppos'd expedition of Brute to this island, to... Whitelocke, Bulstrode London 1713
Fraser, James An alarm to Protestants A short method with a Papist Battersby, John London 1714
Fraser, James The fatal effects of arbitrary power and the dangerous condition of court-favorites, demonstrated by the wicked intrigues of the court... Pérez, Antonio London 1715
Fraser, Jac Works. Hickeringill, Edmund London 1716
Fraser, James The Protestant family-piece, or, a picture of popery : drawn from their own principles, exprest in the words of their... Lowe, Solomon London 1716
Grant, Archibald Ichnographia rustica : or, The nobleman, gentleman, and gardener's recreation. Switzer, Stephen London 1718
Grant, Sir Arch. A complete history of the most remarkable transactions at sea, from the earliest accounts of time to the conclusion of... Burchett, J. London 1720
Rose, James A collection of the principal liturgies, used by the Christian Church in the celebration of the Holy Eucharist / translated... Brett, T. London 1720
Hollis, Thomas Tryals for high-treason, and other crimes : with proceedings on bills of attainder, and impeachments, for three hundred years past. Salmon, Thomas London 1720
Hester, Rogers The iliad of Homer Homer London 1720-1721
Boswell, Alexander (Lord Auchinleck) An essay concerning human understanding. Locke, J. London 1721
Fraser, Jac A new and easy method of book-keeping, or Instructions for a methodical keeping of merchants accompts, by way of debitor... Brodie, Alexander London 1722
Monboddo, Lord (James Burnett) The lives and amours of the empresses, consorts to the first twelve Caesars of Rome. Serviez, Jacques Roergas London 1723