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Grant, Archibald The farmer's letters to the people of England : containing the sentiments of a practical husbandman. Young, Arthur London 1768
Hollis, Thomas Considerations on the present state of the controversy between the Protestants and Papists of Great Britain and Ireland. Blackburne, Francis London 1768
Hollis, Thomas The elements of optics. Emerson, William London 1768
Grant, Archibald The complete farmer : or, A general dictionary of husbandry, in all its branches. Society of Gentlemen London 1769
Grant, Archibald Modern Eden : or, The gardener's universal guide. Rutter, John London 1769
Beattie, James Hay Select fables of Esop and other fabulists. Dodsley, R. London 1770
Grant, Archibald Rural oeconomy : or, Essays on the practical parts of husbandry. Young, Arthur London 1770
Hollis, Thomas Reflections on the government of Indostan. Scrafton, Luke London 1770
Grant, Archibald Observations on modern gardening, illustrated by descriptions. Whately, Thomas London 1771
Beattie, James The execution of Sir Charles Bawdin. Chatterton, T. London 1772
Grant, Archibald Every man his own gardener : Being a new, and much more complete gardener's kalendar than any one hitherto published. Mawe, Thomas London 1773
Grant, Archibald The gardener's and planter's calendar : containing the method of raising timber-trees, fruit-trees, and quick, for hedges. Weston, Richard London 1773
Hollis, Thomas The works of Benjamin Hoadly. Hoadly, Benjamin London 1773
Grant, Archibald Miscellaneous dissertations on rural subjects. Forbes, Francis London 1775
Hollis, Thomas Experiments and observations on different kinds of air. Priestley, Joseph London 1775-77
French, George An introduction to botany, containing an explanation of the theory of that science, extracted from the works of Dr. Linnaeus... Lee, James. London 1776
Grant, Archibald The complete grazier : or, Gentleman and farmer's directory. Horne, Thomas Hartwell London 1776
Grant, Archibald The gardener's pocket-calendar, containing the most approved methods of cultivating the useful and ornamental plants for the kitchen-garden, flower-garden, and... Ellis, Thomas London 1776
Grant, Archibald A treatise on cattle. Mills, John London 1776
Primatt, Humphrey A grammar of the Arabick language. Richardson, John London 1776
Monboddo, Lord (James Burnett) The life and strange surprising adventures of Robinson Crusoe. Defoe, D. London 1778
Grant, Archibald The planter's guide : or, Pleasure gardener's companion. Meader, James London 1779
Beattie, James Sympathy. Pratt, S.J. London 1781
Beattie, James Historical account of the grand tragic ballet, called Medaea and Jason, as it is performed with uncommon applause at the... London 1781
Grant, Archibald Observations on live stock, containing hints for choosing and improving the best breeds of the most useful kinds of domestic... Culley, George London 1786
Beattie, James The fane of the druids: a poem. Ogilvie, J. London 1789
Grant, Archibald The gentleman's stable directory : or, Modern system of farriery. Taplin, William London 1793
Beattie, James The Minstrel Beattie, J. London 1797
Valentine, Margaret The ministrel. Beattie, J. London 1797
Grant, Archibald A systematic arrangement of British plants : with an easy introduction to the study of botany. Withering, William London 1801
Grant, Archibald Practical agriculture : or, A complete system of modern husbandry. Dickson, R. W. London 1805
Grant, Archibald The profitable planter : a treatise on the theory and practice of planting forest trees. Pontey, W. London 1809
Gunn, Neil M. The secret life Granville-Barker, Harley London 1823
Aberdeen Medico-Chirurgical Society An introduction to botany. Lindley, J. London 1832
Grant, Archibald The complete grazier : or, Farmer's and cattle breeders and dealer's assistant. Horne, Thomas Hartwell London 1839
Jack, A. A. Sketches of natural history. Howitt, Mary Botham London 184?
Grant, Archibald The ladies' companion to the flower-garden. Loudon, Jane London 1844
Dickens, Charles On organization: an essay. Helps, Sir Arthur London 1860
Aberdeen and Temair, Ishbel Maria Gordon, Marchioness of The English flower garden: style, position, and arrangement. Robinson, W. London 1883
Aberdeen Church of Scotland Training College, Senior Female Students History of England from 1685. Macaulay, T. B. London 1889
Anderson, Peter John History of England from 1685. Macaulay, T. B. London 1889
Gunn, Neil M. Piping George Gordon, Jan London 19--
Gunn, Neil M. Mysticism throughout the ages Gall, Edward London 19--
Brooks, Hugh Cecil The life of the fields. Jefferies, R. London 1902
A., A. W. The life of the fields. Jefferies, R. London 1902
Booth, Williamson The life of the fields. Jefferies, R. London 1902
Aberdeen and Temair, Ishbel Maria Gordon, Marchioness of Ireland in the new century. Plunkett, H. C. London 1904
Pentland, Marjorie, Lady Ireland in the new century. Plunkett, H. C. London 1904
Aberdeen, Lady Ishbel The Irish song book, with original Irish airs. Graver, A. P. London 1905
Pentland, Lady The Irish song book, with original Irish airs. Graver, A. P. London 1905