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Rogers, Hester An exposition of the creed. Pearson, John London 1723
Fraser, James Oeuvres diverses de Mr. Rousseau Rousseau, Jean-Baptiste London 1723
Grant, Archibald A compleat body of distilling. Smith, George London 1725
Grant, Archibald The experimental husbandman and gardener : containing a new method of improving estates and gardens. Agricola, Georg Andreas London 1726
Forbes-Leith, of Whitehaugh, family. The book of common prayer and administration of the sacraments, and other rites and ceremonies of the church, according to... Church of England London 1727
Grant, Archibald A complete body of husbandry : collected from the practice and experience of the most considerable farmers in Britain. Bradley, R. London 1727
Hollis, Thomas A collection of several tracts of the Right Honourable Edward, Earl of Clarendon. Clarendon, E. H. London 1727
Abercromby of Birkenbog Dictionarium botanicum. Bradley, R. London 1728
Grant, Archibald Husbandry and trade improv'd : being a collection of many valuable materials relating to corn, cattle, coals, hops, wool, &c. Houghton, John London 1728
Mure, Wm. The petticoat: an heroi-comical poem. Chute, F. London 1729
Mure, Wm. The Dunciad, variorum, with the prolegomena of Scriblerus. Pope, A. London 1729
Rogers, Hester Miscellanies Swift, Jonathan London 1731
Grant, Archibald Ichnographia rustica : or, The nobleman, gentleman, and gardener's recreation. Switzer, Stephen London 1742
Grant, Archibald The modern husbandman, for the month of June. Ellis, William London 1742
Grant, Archibald Farriery improv'd : or, A compleat treatise upon the art of farriery [vol. 2] Bracken, Henry London 1743
Grant, Archibald Farriery improv'd : or, A compleat treatise upon the art of farriery [vol. 1] Bracken, Henry London 1745
Grant, Archibald Of husbandry, in twelve books, and his book concerning trees. Columella, Lucius Junius Moderatus London 1745
Fintray House Lib. A plan of the cities of London and Westminster, and borough of Southwark, with the contiguous buildings. Rocque, J. London 1746
Grant, Sir Archibald Chronicon rusticum-commerciale : or, Memoirs of wool, &c. Smith, John London 1747
Grant, Archibald The farmer's instructor : or, The husbandman and gardener's useful and necessary companion. Trowell, Samuel London 1747
Primatt, Humphrey An exposition of the New Testament, in three volumes Gill, John London 1747
Hollis, Thomas Biographia Britannica; or, The lives of the most eminent persons who have flourished in Great Britain and Ireland, from the... London 1747-1766
Boswell, Alexander (Lord Auchinleck) Critical reflections on poetry, painting and music, with an inquiry into the rise and progress of the theatrical entertainments of... Du Bos, J. London 1748
Grant, Archibald Gardener's pocket-book; or, Country gentleman's recreation. Hill, John London 1751
Grant, Archibald Horse-hoeing husbandry : or, An essay on the principles of vegetation and tillage. Tull, Jethro London 1751
Grant, Archibald The gardeners dictionary : containing the methods of cultivating and improving all sorts of trees, plants, and flowers. Miller, Philip London 1754
Hollis, Thomas New experiments and observations on electricity. Franklin, Benjamin London 1754
Abercromby, Jean A week's conversation on the plurality of worlds. Fontenelle, M de. London 1757
Abercromby, Thomas S. A week's conversation on the plurality of worlds. Fontenelle, M de. London 1757
Grant, Archibald The gardeners kalendar : directing what works are necessary to be done every month in the kitchen, fruit, and pleasure-gardens,... Miller, Philip London 1757
Grant, Archibald Observations in husbandry. Lisle, Edward London 1757
Hollis, Thomas The doctrine of fluxions, not only explaining the elements thereof, but also its application and use in the several parts... Emerson, William London 1757
Grant, Archibald The gardener's new kalendar : divided according to the twelve months of the year. Hill, John London 1758
Grant, Archibald A practical treatise of husbandry : wherein are contained, many useful and valuable experiments and observations in the new husbandry. Duhamel du Monceau London 1759
Abercromby of Birkenbog The farmer's compleat guide through all the articles of his profession. Ball, J. London 1760
Grant, Archibald An introduction to botany : Containing an explanation of the theory of that science, and an interpretation of its technical... Lee, James London 1760
Hollis, Thomas The life of John Milton, ... with Amyntor, or A defence of Milton's life, ... and various notes now added. Toland, John London 1761
Grant, Archibald Flora anglica. Hudson, William London 1762
Grant, Archibald A discourse on the cultivation of waste and barren lands (Flax & wool) Turbilly, Marquis de London 1762
Grant, Archibald A new and complete system of practical husbandry : containing all that experience has proved to be most useful in... Mills, John London 1762-65
Hollis, Thomas Plato redivivus; or, A dialogue concerning government. Neville, Henry London 1763
Gant, Archibald An inquiry into the human mind, on the principles of common sense. Reid, T. London 1764
Hollis, Thomas Two treatises of government. Locke, John London 1764
Hollis, Thomas The elements of trigonometry. Emerson, William London 1764
Hollis, Thomas Grammatica linguae anglicanae, cui praefigitur de loquela, sive de sanorum omnium loquilarium formatione : tractatus grammatico-physicus. Wallis, John London 1765
Hollis, Thomas Letters concerning toleration. Locke, John London 1765
Abercromby of Birkenbog Modern Eden. Rutter, J. London 1767
Grant, Archibald The complete grazier : or, Gentleman and farmer's directory. Horne, Thomas Hartwell London 1767
Hollis, Thomas The confessional. Blackburne, Francis London 1767
Hollis, Thomas The origin and structure of the Greek tongue, in a series of letters addressed to a young nobleman. Sharpe, Gregory London 1767