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Cox, Rebekah The Byrth of Mankynde, otherwyse named the womans booke. Rosslin, E. London 1560
Cranstonne, W.(illiam, 1st), Lord The perpetuall government of Christs church: wherein are handled, the fatherly superioritie which God first established in the Patriarkes for... Bilson, T. London 1610
Crawhall, Hugh The Holy Bible: containing the Old Testament and the New. Newly translated out of the original tongues: and with the... London 1640
Crichton, James (Viscount Frendraught) Theatrum imperii Magnae Britanniae; exactam regnorum Angliae, Scotiae, Hiberniae et insularum adjacentium geographia[m] ob oculos ponens: una cum comitatibus, centuriis,... Speed, J. London 1616
Cumming, Wm, of Inverallochy A replie unto M. Hardinges answeare. Jewel, J. London 1566
Cumming, Wm, of Inverallochy Ioannis Iuelli aduersus Thomam Hardingum, volumen alterum, in quo viginti septem quaestiones & scripturis, & omnium conciliorum ac patrum monimentis... Jewel, J. London 1578
Dauney, Francis Institutio philosophiae : secundum principia domini Renati Descartes. Le Grand, Antoine London 1672
Davidson, James Arithmeticae in numeris et speciebus institutio. Oughtred, W. London 1631
Davies, Rhys The things men do : short stories. Davies, Rhys London 1936
Deane, Thomas Rump: an exact collection of the choycest poems and songs relating to the late times, by the most eminent wits,... London 1662
Dickens, Charles On organization: an essay. Helps, Sir Arthur London 1860
Dodsworth, J.E. The collection of the history of England. Daniel, S. London 1634
Douglas, William Risalat Hayy ibn Yaqzan Ibn Tufayl, Muhammad ibn 'Abd al-Malik London 1686
Downy, James A geometrical practise named Pantometria containing rules manifolde for mensuration of all lines, superficies and solids. Digges, L. London 1571
Dunn, Francis Sermons Job English 1574. Calvin, J. London 1574
Eccles, F.C. A relation of the conference betweene William Laud... And Mr Fisher the Jesuite, with an answer to such exceptions as... Laud, W. London 1639
Edinburgh Theological Library Analysis logica in Epistolam Pauli Apostoli ad Galatas. Rollock, R. London 1602
Erskine, Marie The rogue: or The life of Guzman de Alfarache. Aleman, M. London 1623
Fetherstone, Henry Catalogus librorum in diversis locis Italia emptorum, anno 1628, qui Londini in officina Fetherstoniana prostant venales. Fetherstone, H. London 1628
Fintray House Lib. A plan of the cities of London and Westminster, and borough of Southwark, with the contiguous buildings. Rocque, J. London 1746
Fitz-william, Jo. An answer to a challenge made by a Iesuite in Ireland. Whereinm, the judgment of antiquity in the points questioned... Usher, J. London 1631
Forbes-Leith, of Whitehaugh, family. The book of common prayer and administration of the sacraments, and other rites and ceremonies of the church, according to... Church of England London 1727
Forbes, Alexr. An exposition or commentarie upon the catechisme of Christian religion, which is taught in the schooles and churches both of... Bastingius, J. London 1614
Forbes, John The regiment of life. Goeurot, J. London 1596
Forbes, Sir John The anatomical exercise of Dr William Harvey professor of physick, and Physician to the Kings Majesty, concerning the motion of... Harvey, W. London 1653
Forbes, Wm. The historie of the world. Raleigh, Sir W. London 1634
Fordyce, Sir William Insectorum sive minimorum animalium theatrum. Moufet, T. London 1634
Fraser, Alexander C. Saducismus Triumphatus Glanvil, J. London 1681
Fraser, Alexander, of Philorth. Actes and monuments of these later and perilous dayes, touching matters of the Church. Foxe, J. London 1563
Fraser, J.M. Horologiographia. The art of dialling: teaching an easie and perfect way to make all kinds of dials upon any plaine... Fale, T. London 1627
Fraser, Jac Vocabularium Hispanicolatinum et Anglicum copiosissimum. Minsheu, John London 1617
Fraser, Jac The conclave of physicians. In two parts, detecting their intrigues frauds and plots against their patients. Harvey, Gideon London 1686
Fraser, Jac Physiognomie and chiromancie, metoposcopie, the symmetrical proportions and signal moles of the body, fully handled. Saunders, Richard London 1653
Fraser, Jac Indiculus universalis Pomey, Francois Antoine London 1679
Fraser, Jac Essays on divers weighty and curious subjects. Parker, Samuel London 1702
Fraser, Jac The history of philosophy in eight parts. Stanley, Thomas London 1656-60
Fraser, Jac A discourse wherein is examined what is particularly lawfull during the confusions and revolutions of government. Ascham, Anthony London 1648
Fraser, Jac A dialogue of polygamy. Ochino, Bernardino London 1657
Fraser, Jac The history of the Chaldaick philosophy. Stanley, Thomas London 1662
Fraser, Jac A second vindication of the reasonableness of Christianity, &c. / By the author of the Reasonableness of Christianity, &c. Locke, John London 1697
Fraser, Jac An answer to Mr. Cressy's Epistle apologetical to a person of honour touching his vindication of Dr. Stillingfleet. Stillingfleet, Edward London 1675
Fraser, Jac The judgement of the late Arch-Bishop of Armagh ... 1, of the extent of Christs death and satisfaction ... 2,... Ussher, James London 1657
Fraser, Jac Works. Hickeringill, Edmund London 1716
Fraser, Jac Critica sacra in two parts : the first containing observations on all the radices of primitive Hebrew words of the... Leigh, Edward London 1662
Fraser, Jac Christianity not mysterious. Toland, John London 1696
Fraser, Jac Reflections on some assertions and opinions of Mr. Dodwell, contain'd in a book entituled An epistolary discourse proving that the... Whitby, Daniel London 1707
Fraser, Jac Precious faith considered in its nature, working and growth. Polhill, Edward London 1675
Fraser, Jac An address to the Jews by John Xeres : containing his reasons for leaving the Jewish and embracing the Christian... Xeres, John London 1710
Fraser, Jac Politica sacra & civilis. Lawson, George London 1689
Fraser, Jac Some observations upon the ecclesiastical jurisdiction of the kings of England. Washington, Robert London 1689