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Abercairny The poems of Ossian, the son of Fingal. Macpherson, James Glasgow 1799
Abercairny, family of A treatise on the law of Scotland relating to rights of fishing ... sea fishing, salmon fishing, trout fishing. Stewart, C. Edinburgh 1869
Aberdeen and Temair, Ishbel Maria Gordon, Marchioness of The lighter side of Irish life. Birmingham, G.A. London 1911
Aberdeen and Temair, Ishbel Maria Gordon, Marchioness of Modern Ireland and her agrarian problem. Bonn, M. J. Dublin 1906
Aberdeen and Temair, Ishbel Maria Gordon, Marchioness of The light on Ireland / by Pamela Hinkson Hinkson, P. London 1935
Aberdeen and Temair, Ishbel Maria Gordon, Marchioness of Seventy years of Irish life: being anecdotes and reminiscences. Le Fanu, W. R. London 1914
Aberdeen and Temair, Ishbel Maria Gordon, Marchioness of Home life in Ireland. Lynd, R. London 1909
Aberdeen and Temair, Ishbel Maria Gordon, Marchioness of Irish recollections. McCarthy, J. London 1911
Aberdeen and Temair, Ishbel Maria Gordon, Marchioness of Celtic Ireland / by Eoin MacNeill. MacNeill, E. Dublin 1921
Aberdeen and Temair, Ishbel Maria Gordon, Marchioness of The Scots gard'ner, together with the gard'ners kalendar. Reid, J. London 1907
Aberdeen and Temair, Ishbel Maria Gordon, Marchioness of The English flower garden: style, position, and arrangement. Robinson, W. London 1883
Aberdeen and Temair, Ishbel Maria Gordon, Marchioness of The national being: some thoughts on an Irish policy. Russell, G. W. New York 1916
Aberdeen Grammar School Bibliotheca bibliothecarum, curis tertiis auctior Labbe, Philippe Leipzig 1682
Aberdeen University Department of Natural Philosophy, Senior Physics Class Mathematical tracts on the lunar and planetary theories, the figure of the earth, precession and nutation, the calculus of variations,... Airy, G. B. Cambridge 1858
Aberdeen, Ishbel, Lady Historical ballad poetry of Ireland / arranged by M. J. Brown, with an introd. by Stephen J. Brown. Brown, M. J. Dublin and Belfast 1912
Aberdeen, Ishbel, Lady Anecdotes of the Connaught circuit: From its foundation in 1604 to close upon the present time / by Oliver J.... Burke, O. J. Dublin 1885
Aberdeen, Ishbel, Lady Old Irish life. Callwell, J. M. Edinburgh 1912
Aberdeen, Ishbel, Lady Ireland from the Union to Catholic emancipation: a study of social, economic, and administrative conditions, 1800-1829. Chart, D. A. London 1910
Aberdeen, Ishbel, Lady Songs from Leinster. Letts, W. M. London 1913
Aberdeen, Ishbel, Lady The Pope's green island. Ryan, W. P. London 1912
Aberdeen, Lady Ishbel The Irish song book, with original Irish airs. Graver, A. P. London 1905
Aberdeen, Lady Ishbel To-day and to-morrow in Ireland: essays on Irish subjects. Gwynn, S. L. Dublin 1903
Boutourlin, Comte D. De benificiis Seneca, L. A. Florence 1554
Craven, J.B. Petri Bembi patritii Veneti, scriptoris omnium politissimi disertissimique, quaecunque vsquam prodierunt, opera... Vol. 1 Bembo, Pietro Basel 1556
Cumine, George De consolatione philosophiae Boethius. Deventer 1490
Danson, John Raymond Songs from Robert Burns. Selected by A. E. Coppard, with wood engravings by Mabel M. Annesley. Burns, Robert Waltham Saint Lawrence, Berks 1925
Drummond De titvlo et ivre serenissimae Principis Mariae Scotorum Reginae, quo Regni Anglicae successionem sibi iuste vendicat, libellvs: Simul & Regnum... Leslie, J. Reims 1580
Forbes, Sir John The anatomical exercise of Dr William Harvey professor of physick, and Physician to the Kings Majesty, concerning the motion of... Harvey, W. London 1653
Grant, Archibald The complete grazier : or, Farmer's and cattle breeders and dealer's assistant. Horne, Thomas Hartwell London 1839
Grant, Archibald The complete grazier : or, Gentleman and farmer's directory. Horne, Thomas Hartwell London 1776
Grant, Archibald Flora anglica. Hudson, William London 1762
Grant, Archibald Every man his own gardener : Being a new, and much more complete gardener's kalendar than any one hitherto published. Mawe, Thomas London 1773
Grant, Archibald The farmer's letters to the people of England : containing the sentiments of a practical husbandman. Young, Arthur London 1768
Grant, Archibald A discourse on the cultivation of waste and barren lands (Flax & wool) Turbilly, Marquis de London 1762
Grant, Archibald The gardener's and planter's calendar : containing the method of raising timber-trees, fruit-trees, and quick, for hedges. Weston, Richard London 1773
Grant, Archibald The gardener's new kalendar : divided according to the twelve months of the year. Hill, John London 1758
Grant, Archibald The gardener's pocket-calendar, containing the most approved methods of cultivating the useful and ornamental plants for the kitchen-garden, flower-garden, and... Ellis, Thomas London 1776
Grant, Archibald Ichnographia rustica : or, The nobleman, gentleman, and gardener's recreation. Switzer, Stephen London 1718
Grant, Archibald An introduction to botany : Containing an explanation of the theory of that science, and an interpretation of its technical... Lee, James London 1760
Grant, Archibald Modern Eden : or, The gardener's universal guide. Rutter, John London 1769
Grant, Archibald The modern husbandman, for the month of June. Ellis, William London 1742
Grant, Archibald A new and complete system of practical husbandry : containing all that experience has proved to be most useful in... Mills, John London 1762-65
Grant, Archibald Observations on live stock, containing hints for choosing and improving the best breeds of the most useful kinds of domestic... Culley, George London 1786
Grant, Archibald Observations on modern gardening, illustrated by descriptions. Whately, Thomas London 1771
Grant, Archibald Observations upon the shoeing of horses : together with a new inquiry into the causes of diseases in the feet... Clark, J. Edinburgh 1775
Grant, Archibald The planter's guide : or, Pleasure gardener's companion. Meader, James London 1779
Grant, Archibald Practical agriculture : or, A complete system of modern husbandry. Dickson, R. W. London 1805
Grant, Archibald Present state of husbandry in Scotland : extracted from reports made to the commissioners of the annexed estates, and published... Wight, A. Edinburgh 1778-84
Grant, Archibald The profitable planter : a treatise on the theory and practice of planting forest trees. Pontey, W. London 1809
Grant, Archibald A treatise on cattle. Mills, John London 1776