Book Details

Book Details

Nomenclator: omnium rerum propria nomina septem diversis linguis explicata indicans.

Owner: Jonson, Ben. (1572/3-1637)

Author: Junius, H.

Publication Place: Frankfurt

Printer: Wechel

Publication Year: 1591

Inscription: Inscription: su[m] Ben Jonsonij ; Motto: "tanquam explorator"

Type of Provenance: Inscription and motto

System Number: 000399646 - View the Library Catalogue

Shelfmark: pi 413 Jun

Additional Notes: The signature is authenticated by Greg, W.W., English literary autographs, 1925, I, 23-4, and Sammlung historich-beruhunter Autographen, I. Series, Stuttgart, 1846, Pl.33. no.6. For a full account of Ben Jonson's library see his works, ed. C.H.Herford & P. Simpson, vol. I (1925). pp250-71. Cf. De Ricci, S. English collectors of books. 1930. P21.