Methodus confessionis ubi peccata & eorum remedia plenissime continentur.

Owner: Hay, W. (fl.1545-48)

Publication Place: Paris

Printer: Le Bret, Gulielmus

Publication Year: 1540

Inscription: t-p: "W. Hay A turref"

Date of Provenance: 1547

Type of Provenance: Inscription

System Number: 000410467 - View the Library Catalogue

Shelfmark: pi 2656 Met

Additional Notes: Printed inscription on pi f2203, also on Glasgow U.L. Bru 7.d.12 and EUL Dd.3.25-28 with date 1548. "This is the earliest printed ex libris inscription that I have heard of in this country" (N. Ker). MS inscription on our pi 225:47 Era 1, pi 2656 Met and pi 2526 Roy q, where "W. HAY A TURREF/PATIAR" occurs in gold on the upper cover of the binding. New College, Edinburgh, owns a copy of A Pighius, Controversiam, Coloniae, 1545, bearing his incsription and printed inscription on top. This copy also bears the inscription "Liber Gulielmi Guild S.T.D"