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Book Details

Hexapla in Genesin, that is, a sixfold commentarie upon Genesis: wherein sixe severall translations, that is, the Septuagint, and the Chalde, two Latin, of Hierome and Tremellius, two English, the great Bible, and the Geneva edition are compared, where they differ, with the originall Hebrew, and Pagnine, and Montanus interlinearie interpretation: together with a sixfold use of every chapte, shewing 1. the method or argument, 2. the divers readings, 3. the explanation of difficult questions and doubtfull places, 4.the places of doctine, 5. places of confutatiion, 6. morall observations: wherein above a thousand theologicall questions are discussed: and is comprised together, whatsoever worthie of note, either Mercerus out of the rabbins, Pererius out of the Fathers, Marlorat out of the new writers have in their learned commentaries collected.

Owner: Cranstoune, Alexander

Author: Willet, A.

Publication Place: Cambridge

Publication Year: 1605

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