Book Details

Book Details

Diui Aurelii Augustini Hippone[n]sis episcopi Enarrationes siue commentarii in psalmos mysticos: Longe quam antehac castigatiores.

Owner: Danyelston, Robertus (fl.1535-47)

Author: Augustine, St., Bishop of Hippo.

Publication Place: Paris

Printer: Petit, Odoenum

Publication Year: 1542

Inscription: On t-p: "Robertus Danyelston Rector a Dysert et amicorum. Spes fove." with black cross stamp.

f.ii: "Ex libris R. Danyelston Rectoris a Dysert."

Type of Provenance: Inscription and stamp

System Number: 001515065 - View the Library Catalogue

Shelfmark: BCL fAA347

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