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Book Details

The institution of the Christian religion: in four books. Treating, I. Of the knowlege [sic] of God the Creator. II. Of the knowlege of God the Redeemer. III. Of the manner how to receive the grace of Christ. IV. Of the outward means of salvation. / By Mr. John Calvin.

Owner: Dickson, Robert

Author: Calvin, J.

Publication Place: Glasgow

Publication Year: 1762

Inscription: "Robert Dickson his book Glasgow 14 Aug. 1767" on titlepage.
"Robert Dickson merchant in Glasgow in August 1767" on upper pastedown.
"This copy of Calvin's Institutions, is given a present from Robert Dickson, late Iron-monger in Glasgow, to the Reverend Peter McMaster. minister of New Luce, in token of esteem and regard. 20th May 1805." on paper pasted onto upper pastedown.

Date of Provenance: 1767; 1805

Type of Provenance: Inscription and signature

System Number: 001372737 - View the Library Catalogue

Shelfmark: pi 239 Cal N 5

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