Divi Ambrosii episcopi Mediolanensis omnia opera accuratissime revisa: atque in tres partes nitidissime excusa. Eiusdam sanctissimi Ambrosii vita: a Paulino epsicopo eleganter conscripta. Repertorium in tripertitum opus beatissimi Ambrosii alphabetica serie: certissimoque foliorum numero exquisitissime digestum.

Owner: Common Library of Aberdeen (1585-1632)

Author: Ambrose, Saint, Bishop of Milan

Publication Place: Basel

Printer: Petri, A.

Publication Year: 1516

Date of Provenance: 1585

Type of Provenance: Inscription and binding

System Number: 000855071 - View the Library Catalogue

Shelfmark: pi f276 Amb h

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