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Book Details

The Christian warfare: wherein is first generally shewed the malice, power and politike stratagems of the spirituall enemies of our salvation, Sathan and his assistants the world and the flesh; with the meanes also whereby the Christian may withstand and defeate them. And afterwards more speciallie their particular temptations, against the severall causes and meanes of our salvation, whereby on the one side they allure us to security and presumption, and on the other side, draw us to doubting and desperation, are expressed and answered / Written especially for their sakes who are exercised in the spirituall conflict of temptations, and are afflicted in conscience in the sight and sense of their sinnes.

Owner: Balfour, Andreas (1630-1694)

Author: Downame, J.

Publication Place: London

Publication Year: 1604

Shelfmark: pi 241 Dow 1 - Search the Library Catalogue