Origenis Adamantii Operum tomi duo priores, cum tabulis & indice generali proxime sequetibus / [with a prefatory epistle by Jacques Merlin.] (Tertius et quartus tomi... -Apologeticus Pamphili ... pro Origene, interprete Rufino. -De adulteratione librorum Origenis liber, qui est Rufini.) Quibus nuperrime accessit Fragmentum Comm?tariorum ipsius Origenis in Euangeli? secundum Matthaeum, D. Erasmo ... interprete.

Owner: Lawson, Jacobus (1538-1584)

Author: Origen.

Publication Place: Lyon

Publication Year: 1536

Where Held: National Library of Scotland.

Shelfmark: Gray.627 - Search the Library Catalogue

Additional Notes: Previously held at the library of Rev. John Gray (1646-1717) at Haddington, bequeathed to the town of Haddington on his death, which was sold to the National Library of Scotland in 1961. The collection consisted of 1,500 books and 37 manuscripts. The subj