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Book Details

In hoc opere continentur totius philosophiae naturalis paraphrases: adiectis ad literam scholiis declaratae... Introductio in libros Physicorum. Paraphrasis octo Physicorum Aristotelis. Duo dialogi ad physicos libros introductorii. Paraphrasis quatuor De caelo et mundo completorum. Paraphrasis duorum De generatione & corruptione. Paraphrasis quatuor Metheororum completorum. Introduction in libros de anima. Paraphrasis trium De anima completorum. Paraphrasis libri de sensu & sensato. Paraphrasis libri de memoria & reminiscentia. Paraphrasis libri de somno & vigilia. Paraphrasis librii de longitudine & brevitate vitae. Introduction Metaphysica. Dialogi quatuor ad Methaphysicam introductorii.

Owner: Stewart (or Seuard), Alexander

Author: Aristotle.

Publication Place: Paris

Printer: Colinaei, S.

Publication Year: 1521

Inscription: Signature in Greek on title-page and in English on back end-papers - "biblia m. alexandri steuard"

Type of Provenance: Unidentified signature

System Number: 000860821 - View the Library Catalogue

Shelfmark: pi f88854 C

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