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Book Details

The summe of the conference betweene John Rainoldes and John Hart: touching the head and the faith of the Church. Wherein by the way are handled sundry points, of the sufficiencie and right expounding of the Scriptures, the ministerie of the Church, the function of the priest-hood, the sacrifice of the mass, with other controversies of religion; but chiefly and purposely the point of church-government, opened in the branches of Christs supreme soveraintie, of Peters pretended, the popes usurped, the princes lawfull supremacie. / Penned by John Rainoldes, according to the notes set downe in writing by them both: perused by John Hart, and (after things supplied, and altered, as he thought good) allowed for the faithfull report of that which past in conference betweene them. Whereunto is annexed a treatise intitled, Six conclusions touching the Holy Scripture, and the Chuch [i.e. Church], written by John Rainoldes. With a defence of such things as Thomas Stapleton and Gregorie Martin have carped at therein.

Owner: Read, Alex. (c.1570-1641)

Author: Rainolds, J.

Publication Place: London

Publication Year: 1609

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