The second part of the Christian warfare; or the contempt of the world: tending to arme and confirme the weake Christian against the tentations of prosperity, and to preserve him from the immoderate love of earthly things; by proving unto him, that both the world and wordly vanities are so base and worthlesse, that they deserve not to be esteemed and loved of a Christian, in comparison of Gods spirituall graces and heavenly joyes. Written as an antidote against the poyson of worldly-love, with which in these daies so many are infected; and that it might revive that heavenly fire of spirituall and divine love, which is so much cooled and abated. By J. Downame.

Owner: Rule, G. (c.1629-1701)

Author: Downame, J.

Publication Place: London

Publication Year: 1619

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