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The Protestants apologie for the Roman Church: devided into three severall tractes. Whereof the first concerneth the antiquity & continuance of the Roman Church & religion, ever since the Apostles times. 1. That the Protestants religion was not so much as in being, at, or before Luther's first appearing. The second 2. [sic] That the marks of the true Church are apperteyning to the Roman, and wholy wanting to the severall churches, begun by Luther & Calvin. The third that Catholicks are no lesse loyall, and dutifull to their soveraigne, than Protestants. All which is undertaken, & proved by testimonies of the learned Protestants themselves. With a conclusion to the reverend judges, and other the grave and learned sages of the law. / By John Brereley.

Owner: Read, Alexander (c.1570-1641)

Author: Anderton, J.

Publication Place: Saint-Omer

Publication Year: 1608

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