This small Collection reflects the interests of two of the University's most eminent classical scholars of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The Collection itself was the working library of John Harrower (1857-1933), Professor of Greek at the University from 1886 until 1931. Many of the works are annotated. Some books bear a bookplate: ex-libris W. D. Geddes. William Duguid Geddes (1828-1900), a Principal of the University, was Harrower's precedessor as Chair of Greek, and also his father-in-law.

Keywords: Classical literature

Strengths: Classical literature, especially Greek

Languages:Greek, Latin

Identifier: Harrower

Physical characteristics: 97 volumes

Accumulation date range: c.1870-1933

Contents date range: 1825-1861

Associated Publications: Available on Library OPAC.

Accrual Status: Closed.

Custodial history/provenance: Formerly in the possession of the Harrower Trust, it was presented to the Library in 1937.

Access Control: Closed access - please request. Non borrowable.