A little stone, pretended to be out of the mountain, tried, and found to be a counterfeit
A little stone, pretended to be out of the mountain, tried, and found to be a counterfeit

This Collection was formed in 1700 with financial assistance from the Synod of Aberdeen for the benefit of divinity students at both King's and Marischal Colleges.

Keywords: Theology; Biblical commentaries/studies; sermons; missionary work; church history.

Strengths: The content is largely theological, with some historical and philosophical material spanning the seventeenth to the twentieth centuries. There are several editions of Gilbert Burnet, Bishop of Salisbury, historian and theological writer, including A Collection of Sermons...(London: Chiswell, 1704), containing some 30 different texts.

Languages:English, German, French, Latin, Greek, Hebrew

Identifier: TL

Physical characteristics: c. 3000 volumes

Accumulation date range: 1700-early twentieth century

Contents date range: 1610-1909

Associated Publications: Marischal College, Aberdeen, Catalogue of Books belonging to the Theological Library of Marischal College, Aberdeen (Aberdeen, various dates betw. 1790 and 1901. An account of the two libraries, founded in 1700 and 1863, is given in Report by the Library Committee to the University Court under the remit of 14th December, 1897, anent theological libraries, and subsequent action is recorded in Aberdeen University Court Minutes of 11th of January, 12th of April and 13th of June, 1898.. Available on Library OPAC or WebPAC

Accrual Status: Closed.

Custodial history/provenance: The Theological Library founded in 1700, was for the use of divinity students at both Marischal College and King's College. It originated in a grant by the Synod of Aberdeen from the rents of Cairntardin for the years 1698-99, during which the Chair of Divinity in King's College was vacant. The development of the Library can be traced through a series of manuscript and printed catalogues, the earliest, 1790 (thought to be the first printed catalogue at the University), through to the final one, 1901, by which time the Collection had been acquired by the University Library itself. Originally, the library was housed in Marischal College Library and was removed to the Divinity Hall in 1754. By 1880, due to an extension of the South Wing of Marischal College, the books were removed and placed in a cellar. Shortly after this they were removed to King's College. This unsatisfactory state of affairs was finally brought to an end in 1898 when the University Librarian was granted custodial care of the books.

Access Control: Closed access - please request. Non-borrowable.