Flash Fiction Competition Winners 2017

We are pleased to announce the winners of this year’s competition.

8-13 Category

The winning story of the 8-13 competition is ‘The little people in the painting' by Orla Rogalski from Largue School in Aberdeenshire. Caroline Clough, who judged the competition, thought that the story was ‘a lovely idea and well carried out.’ You can read Orla’s story, inspired by image 2, here. Orla will receive a £10 gift voucher and a goody bag, courtesy of Waterstones.

Highly commended stories were:

Image 1 – ‘The One’ by Katie Campbell

Image 3 – ‘The Berries’ by Louisa Benson

Image 4 – ‘Survival’ by Daisy MacCallum

Caroline said that she chose stories that showed a ‘real depth of imagination and yet managed to build the structure of a real story from flights of fancy which is the true challenge of Flash Fiction.’

You can read all the entries for the competition here. Caroline Clough’s comments on the competition can be found here.

14+ category

The winner of the 14+ category competition was J V Simpson with her story, ‘Weave’. Wayne Price, the judge of the adult competition said that it was a ‘strikingly ambitious, lyrical and boldly written story, part prose-poem, part dream-like fable.’

Highly commended entries were:

Image 1: ‘This Happy Dream’ by Richard Bennett

Image 2: ‘A Legend’ by Annie Lamb

Image 3: ‘Lasagne’ by Josie Crimp

Image 4: ‘Cabel’s Lane’ by Ian Grosz

You can read Wayne Price’s comments on the above stories, and other entries which received an honourable mention here. All the entries can be read here.

The original images with full details of where they originate, can be found here.