Linking entrepreneurship and successful learners includes ways of looking at the world, which actively support entrepreneurship and opportunity recognition, that includes future orientation, reflection, optimism, self efficacy, Dweck's Growth Mind-set.

Reflective learning is very closley associated with Dweck’s concept of growth mind-set and the willingness to take all consequences both good and bad as feedback, looking at the data objectively for new understanding. All the mindset activities above support reflective learning.  A key feature of reflection is the ability and willingness to review something, often several times, and take new insights each time.

Key questions to support reflective learning

  • What else could I have done?
  • How could I have done this differently? 
  • If I had done it differently, what would be the likely outcome (in tangible, specific behavourial terms)?

Here is a link to a document on reflective writing developed and published by the University of Portsmouth that is an effective tool to use as an individual or team assignment.