Here some proven processes for both recognising enterprise orientation and for facilitating changes in mindset.

These techniques lend themselves to self-mastery and personal skills development – the ability to take responsability for one’s own success.

Effective questions: which elicit resourceful answers

  • Changing ‘can I?’ to how ‘how can I?’
  • If I wanted to, how could I?
  • What if, I had all the resources?
  • What if, I could access all the resources?

Identifying blocks of motivation or confidence (or both) for less engaged learners

  • If you really wanted to do xxxx, could you? (self efficacy)
  • If you could do xxxx, would you want to? (motivation)
  • If you did xxxx, how would you feel? (subjective evaluation) - anything less than an enthusiastic response indicates a mindset or motivation barrier i.e. more than a competence issue
  • If you did that, what would be likely to happen? (objective evaluation)

Food for thought

  • Student: "Professor, the exam question you have set this year is the same as last year!"
  • Educator:  "I know, the question is the same, but (due to an advance in research) the answer has changed"