Self-efficacy underpins entrepreneurship, as does the ability to keep going when there is little obvious extrinsic reward.

Understanding key signature strengths, your own and those of others, as described under the enterprise section, when combined with an understanding of flow, provides a useful starting point for both recruitment/human resource selection and organisational (enterprise/company) design.

The idea of signature strengths links to Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s concept of flow, and Martin Seligman’s concept of the engaged life. In the context of entrepreneurship, understanding key signature strengths provides a good indication as to the roles within an organisation we will find most engaging;  where we can keep working for longer with less extrinsic reward. This is very important in lean economic times, whether those be due to your personal micro-environment e.g. business start-up or a consequence of economic downturn in the macro–environment.

Below are links to interesting case studies: