Educators In Scotland

It is the objective of the SPE team that educators in Scotland have materials and resources that they can use in any discipline to develop their teaching in enterprise and entrepreneurship, whilst covering the four main sections of the Curriculum for Excellence. Each of the four sub-pages have resources and links to helpful information and resources that can be used.

We recommend that for the educator, the task of facilitating or coaching and teaching for enterprise and entrepreneurship becomes easier when one has:

  • A conceptual understanding of the different elements
  • Vision of the legacy or outcome for the learners
  • A personal sense of what entrepreneurial excellence looks and feels like beyond common business practice 
  • Confidence in using processes and frameworks that have been proven to work across multiple applications (we offer CPD support activities through hub colleges across Scotland)
  • A willingness to lead by example, walk their talk, experiment, make mistakes and learn alongside their learners 

We would like to further develop this resource base with examples from schools and college across Scotland.

If you have an example of sound practice in developing entrepreneurship and enterprise, which you would like to share with colleagues across Scotland through this website please email