Sir Ken Robinson on nurturing education systems. Entertaining and moving.

Sir Ken Robinson on changing education paradigms. An inspiring and fun RSA animate.

Sir Ken Robinson on creating conditions where young people’s natural talent can flourish.

Enterpreneurship and Enterprise

This inspiring video shows entrepreneur Jane Chen using simple and local innovation to save newborns lives. An effective contributor and resposible citizen.

Entrepreneurship Education

John Mullins being asked if you can teach and learn entrepreneurship? He speaks about building GAP, his experiential learning and discusses when you have to move on to your Plan B, when testing of your Plan A shows that you must move on.

Tina Seelig gives insights on teaching innovation and entrepreneurship along with some ideas on how to engage students. This link leads you to the whole lecture though there are shorter videos highlighting the main topics covered.

Intergenerational Fairness

Sir Ken Robinson on intergenerational learning, creating the right conditions for learners to flourish.