Activity Record

We have offered a number of activities to schools and colleges across Scotland. Our events are designed to support:

  • Engaging and empowering pupils – get them thinking, doing, reflecting and taking ownership
  • Have broad current relevance and future value
  • Be transferable across curriculum subjects and attainment levels
  • Delivered easily by teachers (without significant additional work beyond the initial CPD)
  • Deliverable within timetable constraints and limited budgets

Outcomes include:

  • Establishing links between enterprise skills and entrepreneurship, which are easily facilitated by the teaching staff
  • Showing entrepreneurship’s relevance to new value creation for society, beyond the personal gain of the entrepreneur
  • Understanding new value creation, beyond replication of existing businesses (e.g. a ‘me too’ hairdresser or coffee shop)
  • Developing future-orientated market opportunity recognition
  • Positioning entrepreneurship as a mechanism for social change and reform at different levels of organisation and society
  • Highlighting the differences between self-employment (enterprise skills and initiative) and entrepreneurship (wealth creation for others)
  • Making transparent links between entrepreneurship and the outputs of Curriculum for Excellence for both teachers and pupils