Tom Clark,  The Energy Game

The progressive education programme designed to meet the needs of young people, schools and the energy industry.

"I am delighted to have had the opportunity to have worked with Lesley and benefit from her guidance in the development of my programme ‘The Energy game’. Without doubt, Lesley has been influential in focussing my thoughts in defining my product and directing my thoughts on how to drive my company and business structure forward."

Susan Alves, Director of Connecting

The coaching company specialising in personal development for teenagers

"SPE have freely and generously shared their time, wealth of experience and specialist knowledge to support Connecting in the crucial early stages of the business.  Their teaching provided valuable learning relating to business models delivered through an enterprise and entrepreneurial session followed by specific practical advice given at a personal appointment.  The knowledge and understanding gained from SPE at this time will be considered, in future, as instrumental to the successful business start-up of Connecting.

Further support readily offered resulting in the generation of a structured vision statement for the business and viable suggestions of interesting and effective marketing techniques.  Independent, supportive, trustworthy and specialist sounding board and source of advice."

Kevin Whitelaw, Marpa Consulting

Marpa Consulting creates and delivers business consultancy services to small & medium sized enterprises designed to enhance their value creation capability

"SPE offers content that is academically rigorous, targeted at the teachers who can make the difference that makes the difference and that has already been proven to be effective in creating value in organisations. The use of existing resources and associates minimises the price to the client to maximise the price / value ratio

The SPE approach is to transfer skills completely to allow each partner institution become totally self-sufficient in applying the content and reaping the benefits. The limited SPE resources are purposefully focussed on the most effective skills and targeted at those with the capability to leverage the most value.

The SPE is keen to partner with existing entrepreneurial development programmes for mutual and wider benefit."