Happiness Artist: Mahmud RasselCINEFOGO (2005-2009) “Civil Society and New Forms of Governance in Europe – the Making of European Citizenship” European Commission, Sixth Framework programme, Network of Excellence

DG Employment and Social Affairs (2005-2006) (European Commission) European Observatory on Social Cohesion, Trust and Social Participation

Quality of Life  is of great interest to the European Commission and we have been involved in a number of reports analysing the European Quality of Life Survey for the European Foundation for Living and Working Conditions  (Eurofound). The reports are on the publication page.

In addition, our CCN+ project which focuses upon digital technologies is embedded within a Societal Quality context.

People associated with this theme include Pamela Abbott, Roger Sapsford and Katie Vincent.

PhD Theses

Florian Pichler (2006) University of Aberdeen “To be or not to be, European:  the meanings of European identity from the people’s perspective” University of Aberdeen.

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