Dr Luisa Gandolfo

Dr Luisa Gandolfo
BA (Lincoln), M.Litt (Aberdeen), PhD (Exeter)


Dr Luisa Gandolfo
Dr Luisa Gandolfo

Contact Details

work +44 (0)1224 272764
The University of Aberdeen Room F22 Department of Sociology School of Social Science Edward Wright Building University of Aberdeen Aberdeen AB24 3QY


Luisa Gandolfo completed her doctoral studies in Arab and Islamic Studies at the University of Exeter, analysing the formation and sustenance of identity in the Palestinian diaspora community of Jordan.

Subsequently, she conducted research on expressions of nationalism and gender and political activism within the Arabic blogosphere and social networks under the auspices of the Centre for Advanced Study of the Arab World (CASAW), at the University of Durham. 

Luisa also held the Al Tajir lectureship in post-war recovery studies at the University of York, where she engaged in research exploring the role of art and culture in social change in Morocco, Libya, Tunisia and Egypt.

Luisa is the author of Palestinians in Jordan: The Politics of Identity (2012) and has published a number of articles and chapters on gender, identity and activism in the Middle East and North Africa.


Research Interests

Luisa's research interests are located in Palestine-Israel, Jordan, and Tunisia, and encompass:

  • Memory and mourning practices
  • Trauma and post-war recovery
  • Refugees and migration
  • Diasporic identities and exile
  • Religious practices and social change
  • Artistic representations of resistance

For further details on published papers, visit here.

Research Grants

Research Grant, 2016, 'Missing Memorials and Absent Bodies: Negotiating Post-conflict Trauma and Memorialisation'. Awarded by the Leverhulme/British Academy, Febuary 2016. 

Research Grant, 2015-2016, 'The Political and Cultural Identity of the Libyan Community in Malta.' Awarded by The Society for Libyan Studies. February, 2015.

Research Fellowship at The Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study, ‘Comparative Discourses of Memory and Trauma in Palestinian and Israeli Art.’ Awarded by The European Institutes for Advanced Study (EURIAS) Fellowship Programme, September 2014-August 2015.

Research Grant 2013-2014, ‘Comparative Discourses of Memory and Trauma in Palestinian and Israeli Art.’ Awarded by The Carnegie Trust. University of Aberdeen. June, 2014. 

Research Grant 2012-2013, ‘Divine Intervention: The Role of Christian Evangelical Proselytism in the Palestine-Israel Conflict.’ Awarded by The Carnegie Trust. University of Aberdeen. June, 2013.


Teaching Responsibilities

Course Co-ordinator

SO5519: Sex, Gender, and Violence: Critical Approaches

TR3501: Between Peace and Conflict: Transitions in Society and Politics

Contributes to:

SO2006: Studying Social Life I: The Embodied Self

SO2505: Studying Social Life II

SO3066: Thinking Sociologically 

Further Info

Admin Responsibilities

Luisa is the School of Social Sciences Athena SWAN co-lead (2016-), and Equality and Diversity Officer.

For further information on the School's Athena SWAN Bronze Award, visit here.

For additional details regarding the Gender Research Cluster, and the MSc in Sex, Gender, and Violence, visit here.

Invited Lectures

'The Transmission of Intergenerational Trauma in Palestine-Israel and Jordan', presented at Traumatised Communities, Collective Trauma and Intergenerational Transmission of Trauma, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Scotland. September 14, 2017.

'Masculinity and the Militarisation of Society in Palestine-Israel,' presented at the Institute of Social Studies in The Hague (ISS). Den Haag, the Netherlands. April 9, 2015.

'Balancing Power: Transactions and Negative Reciprocity in the Transition Zone,' presented at Bodies, Borders, Archives: Spaces of Knowledge Contestation and Affective Transactions, Utrecht University. Utrecht, the Netherlands. March 23, 2015.

'Resistance, Liberation and... Reconciliation? The Role of Art in Palestinian-Israeli Peace Activism', presented at the Institute of Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology, Leiden University. Leiden, the Netherlands. March 2, 2015.

'Jerusalem: an intifada by any other name is just as dangerous', The Conversation, 12 October, 2015.

'Rightward lurch keeps Netanyahu in power, but for how long?', The Conversation, 7 May, 2015

'Messy election aftermath leaves Israel’s future in the balance', The Conversation, 17 March, 2015

'Protective Edge has left the world asking: ‘Is Israel targeting civilians?’,' The Conversation, 22 July, 2014

'Murder of three teenagers sends Israel into security overdrive,' The Conversation, 2 July, 2014

'Nakba day in Palestine – past catastrophe, future conflict?,' The Conversation, 15 May, 2014

'Latest Israel-Palestine talks likely to falter over land swap,' The Conversation, 8 January, 2014

‘Catastrophe’ looms as Israel debates Bedouin resettlement,’ The Conversation, 5 November, 2013

'Peace stymied by realities of life in West Bank and Gaza,’ The Conversation, 21 October, 2013

Conference Papers

'Gender, Memory, and Territorial Narratives in Palestinian Art', presented at the Third Annual Conference of the Memory Studies Association. Complutense University of Madrid, Madrid, Spain. June 25th and 28th, 2019.

‘Cultural memory, heritage work, and pluritemporality in Palestine-Israel’, presented at the Second Annual Conference of the Memory Studies Association. University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark. December 14th and 16th, 2017.

‘Exiting the Dark: Negotiating Memory, Trauma, and Endurance in Palestine-Israel’, presented at The American Comparative Literature Association’s Annual Meeting. Utrecht University, Utrecht, the Netherlands. July 6th and 9th, 2017.

‘Material Mnemonics and Mapped Narratives in Palestine/Israel’, presented at Third ISA Forum of SociologyThe Futures We Want: Global Sociology and the Struggles for a Better World. Vienna, Austria. 10th and 14th July, 2016.

‘Remembering the land(s): Oz Shelach’s Picnic Grounds and the act of recall’, presented at the Tenth Biennial MESEA ConferenceCultural Palimpsests: Ethnic Watermarks, Surfacing Histories, University of Warsaw. Warsaw, Poland. 22nd and 24th June, 2016.

'Material Mnemonics and Cultural Heritage in Palestine–Israel', presented at The Past in the Present of the Middle East, SOAS, CBRL, London, United Kingdom. 15th and 16th April, 2016.

'Material Mnemonics and Competing Narratives in Palestine/Israel', presented at Colonial Ruin: (In)Visible Sites of Postcolonial Memory, Amsterdam Centre for Cultural Heritage and Identity, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 25th and 26th June, 2015.

'‘Spect-­acting’ the Revolution: Artifying Tunisian Political Discourses,' presented at Media in Political Transition: Focus on Tunisia, University of Cambridge and the Al-Jazeera Centre for Studies. Cambridge, United Kingdom. 15th and 16th July, 2014.

'Bullets and Borderlanders: The Construction of Informal Boundaries in West Bank,' presented at the Ninth Biennial MESEA ConferenceUniversität des Saarlandes. Saarbrücken, Germany. 29th May and 1st June, 2014.

‘One Land, Two Narratives: Memory and Trauma in Palestinian and Israeli Art,’ presented at the International Conference on the Cultural Politics of MemoryUniversity of Cardiff. Cardiff, United Kingdom. 14th and 16th May, 2014.

'The Past as a Foreign Country: Comparative Discourses on Memory, Land and Conflict in Palestinian and Israeli Art,' presented at Cultures of Memory, Memories of Culture, University of Bucharest. Bucharest, Romania. 6th to 8th June, 2013.

'The Rise of Arab Neo-feminism: Resistance, Representation and Empowerment among Women in North Africa,' presented at the second Finnish Colloquium of Middle Eastern and North African Studies, Finnish Institute in the Middle East, University of Tampere. Tampere, Finland. 24th and 25th August, 2012.

‘Art, Representation and Resistance in the Palestine/Israel Conflict,’ presented at Cultures of Resistance: The Case of Palestine and Beyond WorkshopUniversity of Exeter. Exeter, United Kingdom. 4th and 5th May, 2012.

‘(Cyber)Palestine and the Quest for a National Identity,’ presented at the 18th International DAVO CongressFreie Universität Berlin. Germany. 6th to 8th October, 2011.

'Political Pulpits: Christian Evangelical Proselytism and Inter-Denominational Relations in the Contemporary Middle East,' presented at The Eighth Nordic Conference on Middle Eastern Studies, at The Nordic Society for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies and University of Bergen. Bergen, Norway. 24th to 26th September, 2010.

‘Representations of Conflict: Images of War, Resistance, and Religious Identity in Palestinian Art,’ presented at the Third World Congress for Middle Eastern Studies (WOCMES-3). Instituto Europeo del Mediterráneo (IEMed). Barcelona, Spain. 19th to 24th July, 2010.

'"The land is the beloved”: Memory, Art and Poetry in the Remembrance of Palestine,' presented at the Ethno-Politics and Intervention in a Globalised World ConferenceUniversity of Exeter. Exeter, United Kingdom. 27th to 30 June, 2010.



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