Professor Bernadette Hayes

Professor Bernadette Hayes
BSocSc, MA, PhD, AcSS

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Professor Bernadette Hayes
Professor Bernadette Hayes

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The University of Aberdeen Room F05 Department of Sociology University of Aberdeen Edward Wright Building Aberdeen AB24 3QY E-mail:


Director of the Institute of Conflict, Transition, and Peace Research (ICTPR), Bernadette C. Hayes joined the University of Aberdeen in 2005. She has previously held academic appointments at the Australian National University, the University of Surrey and Queen's University of Belfast.

She has held visiting appointments at the University of Cologne (1998), the Economic and Social Research Institute, Dublin (2000), the Institute of Governance, Queen's University of Belfast (2003) and the Australian National University (1999, 2007).  In 2006, she was elected an Academician in the Academy of Social Sciences.

She is a previous member of the BSA Council (2008-2012), the ARK Advisory Board (2006-2010), the ESRC Research Grants Board (2006-2008), the ESRC British Election Commissional Panel (2012), the International Assessment Panel of the Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences (2005, 2008), and the International Assessment Panel of NWO, Top Grant Proposal, The Hague (2014). She is currently a member of the ESRC Peer Review College (2010-) the EUROLAB Visiting Appointment Selection Panel (2011-) in Cologne, and the Carnegie Trust for the University of Scotland (2014-).  

She has wide expertise in the area of research methods and quantitative analysis and has been consulted on the design and construction of a number of international survey endeavours. She was one of the principal investigators of the 1998 Northern Ireland Referendum and Election Survey, the 1999 Northern Ireland European Values Study, the 1999-2000 Republic of Ireland European Values Study and the 2003-2004 Northern Ireland Assembly Election Survey, the 2010 and 2015 Northern Ireland General Election Survey,te 2011 Northern Ireland Social and Political Attitudes Survey.

She has published extensively in the areas of gender, politics, religion, and social stratification at both the national and international level.


Research Interests

Gender relations; political sociology; sociology of religion; Ireland, North and South; post-conflict societies.


Current Research

    1.     Compromise After Conflict

A current major project involves the cross-national study of compromise in post-conflict societies. Based on a Leverhulme programme research grant of £1.26 millions over five years, this project looks at the nature of compromise, its emotional parameters, behavioural expressions and links to other affective-relational stress responses, such as hope, forgiveness and memory. The focus is on the development of compromise amongst victims of communal conflict as a case study in compromise. We address three contemporary arenas of conflict (Northern Ireland, South Africa and Sri Lanka) and four historical cases (the USA after the civil war, West Germany after the fall of Nazism, Spain after the death of Franco and the Lebanon after its civil wars), as well as exploring the verbatim evidence of witnesses during truth recovery procedures. This is a mixed-method programme, involving surveys, qualitative interviews, and historical and documentary research. The work is being done with Professor John Brewer and Dr Francis Teeney (Queen's University of Belfast) and involves collaboration with colleagues in Northern Ireland (Yvonne McGivern), Sri Lanka (Asian Institute of Missiology) and South Africa (Professor Clifford Shearing).


Research Grants

Recent research grants are:


The 2015 Northern Ireland General Election Survey - with Jonathan Tonge (University of Liverpool), Peter Shirlow (QUB), Jocelyn Evans (University of Sheffield) and Paul Mitchell (LSE).

The 2010 Northern Ireland General Election Survey - with Jonathan Tonge (University of Liverpool) and Paul Mitchell (LSE).

Leverhulme Trust Programme Research Grant

2009-2014: Compromise after Conflict - with John Brewer and Frances Teeney (Queen's University of Belfast)



Teaching Responsibilities

Research methods (graduate and undergraduate)

Social Statistics (graduate and undergraduate)

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External Responsibilities


Other Information

She is a frequent media commentator on Northern Ireland in the areas of religion and political behaviour and the results from her most recent research – the impact of integrated education on political identity in Northern Ireland – a study undertaken in collaboration with Professor Ian McAllister (Australian National University), have been widely cited in both the British and Irish press as well as forming the basis for an Early Day Motion in the House of Commons (EDM 1544).

Bernadette C. Hayes, Ian McAllister and Lizanne Dowds. 2007. 'Integrated Education, Intergroup Relations and Political Identities in Northern Ireland.' Social Problems. 54:454-482

Bernadette C. Hayes and Lizanne Dowds. 'Social Contact, Cultural Marginality or Economic Self-Interest? Attitudes Towards Immigrants in Northern Ireland.' Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies. 32: 455-476, 2006.

Bernadette C. Hayes, Ian McAllister and Lizanne Dowds. 'The Erosion of Consent: Protestant Disillusionment with the 1998 Northern Ireland Agreement' Journal of Elections, Public Opinion, and Parties. 15: 147-167, 2005.

Bernadette C. Hayes and Ian McAllister. 'Public Support for Political Violence and Paramilitarism in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.' Terrorism and Political Violence. 17: 599-617, 2005.



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