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Research Interests

Theoretically, I am involved in debates in, comparative history of anthropological concepts (with a focus on Arctic anthropology) and the history and ethnography of early anthropological expeditions, historical anthropology and ethnohistory, museum studies and museum ethnography, heritage, cultural regeneration, social impact of art and research in the humanities to the economic development and social welfare of communities, human-animal relations and domestication, cultural approaches to kinship, social impact of energy, and indigenous religious revitalization.

The geographical areas covered by my present research are the Russian Arctic where I work with Samoyedic groups such as, Nenets, Enets, Nganasans, and Selkups and plan to work with Chukchi, and Siberia where I work with Altaians, Shors, Evenki and Orochons.

Research Grants

2017-2021: European Research Council, Greening the Poles: Science, the Environment, and the Creation of the Modern Arctic and Antarctic (Gretpole) (PI: Dr Peder Roberts, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden). Total budget € 1 499 952

2017-2018: Wenner Gren Foundation (USA), Harnessing Reindeer Domestication in Arctic Siberia (PI: Prof Robert Losey, University of Alberta, Canada). Total budget $19 831

2016: The Social and Human Working Group of the International Arctic Science Council (SHWG IASC). Support of young career researchers for the X Siberian Studies Conference in St.Petersburg (October 2016) organised by Dr Dmirty Arzyutov and Dr Vladimir Davydov. Total budget €3 000

2013–2017: The Economic and Social Research Council, Etnos: A life history of the etnos concept among the Peoples of the North (PI - Prof. David G. Anderson). Total budget £516,862

2013-2017: The Leverhulme Trust, Network Etnos and Minzu: Histories and Politics of Identity Governance in Eurasia (University of Aberdeen, Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkamera), University of Cambridge, Minzu University of China, Beijing). Total budget £124,051

2012-2017: European Research Council (ERC AdG295458), Arctic Domestication: Emplacing Human-Animal Relationships in the Circumpolar North (Arctic Domus) (PI: Prof. David G. Anderson). Total budget €2 497 830

2011-2013: Wenner-Gren Foundation (USA), International Collaborative Research Grant, The Concept Of The 'Ethnos' In Post-Soviet Russia: The Ethnogenesis Of The Peoples Of The North (PI – Prof. David G. Anderson, Co-PI: Dr. Dmitry V. Arzyutov). Total budget $ 29 500

2012-2014: Russian Academy of Sciences, Presidium’s Program “Traditions and Innovations in History and Culture”. Gory, liudi i granitsy: izobretenie i ispol’zovanie traditsii v gorskikh soobchestvakh na post-sovetskom prostranstve. (PI: Prof Yu. Yu. Karpov).

2010-2011Research Council of Norway, "Reviving Indigenous Tradition" in Altai: Sacred Places and Creating Social Networks (No 202693). Yggdrasil young scholar at the University of Tromsø, Department of Archaeology and Social Anthropology. Total budget 100 000 NOK

2009-2011: Russian Academy of Sciences, Presidium’s Program. Altaiskii burkhanizm v nachale XXI veka (Issledovanie po antropologii nativisticheskogo dvizcheniia). (PI) Total budget 550 000 RUR

2009Russian Foundation of The Humanities (no. RGNF 09-01-18003ะต). A Nomadic model of Christianization: the modern transformations of religious practices of Yamal Nenets (PI: Dr. Dmitry V. Arzyutov). Total budget 200 000 RUR

2005-2008Russian Foundation for Basic Researches and Deutsche ForschungsgemeinschaftWiedergefundenes ErbeN.P. Dyrenkovas schorische folkloristische Texte und ethnographische Untersuchungen vom Beginn des 20. Jahrhunderts (researcher)


Teaching Responsibilities

February 2017: Lecture for postgraduate students (Master of Research and PhD) at the University of Aberdeen, Department of Anthropology. Course Research in Social Anthropology 2. Lecture “Ethnographies of Electricity: A Northern Perspective

March 2016: Lecture for undergraduate students (third year) at the University of Aberdeen, Department of Anthropology. Course Anthropology of the North. Lecture “Northern Studies in Russia: Ethnohistory, Ethnoecology, and Museum Artefacts

February 2016: Lecture for postgraduate students (Master of Research and PhD) at the University of Aberdeen, Department of Anthropology. Course Research in Social Anthropology 2. Lecture “From the History of Anthropology to the Politics of Identity in Siberia

January-April 2016: Tutorials for undergraduate students (first year) at the University of Aberdeen, Department of Anthropology. Course Introduction to Anthropology 2: Questions of Diversity.

Spring 2015: Lecture for postgraduate students (Master of Research and PhD) at the University of Aberdeen, Department of Anthropology. Course Research in Social Anthropology 2. Lecture "Siberia as an Anthropological Laboratory: Politics of Identity in the North"

April-May 2014: Lecture for participants of XIV Summer School of Folklorists and Anthropologists in Moscow. Lecture The Siberian Field: History and Theory of Siberian and Northern Field-work of Soviet Ethnographers

2012-2013: Senior Lecturer for undergraduate students (second year) at St. Petersburg State University of Culture and Art, Department of History of Culture. Course Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

2004Teaching assistant for undergraduate students (first year) at Kemerovo State University, Faculty of History and International Relations, Department of Archaeology, Kemerovo, Russia. Course Introduction to Ethnography


Further Info

External Responsibilities

2004 - to date - Research Fellow at the Department of Siberian Ethnography, Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkamera) of Russian Academy of Sciences, St.Petersburg, Russia


2015, June-September – Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology, University of Cambridge, UK. River. Stars. Reindeer. Imaging Evenki and Orochen Communities of Inner Mongolia. (together with David G. Anderson and Jocelyne Dudding)  MAABBC News


2014, September-October – Russian Geographical Society, Vstrechi na granitse: orochony Man'chzhurii glazami russkogo i britanskogo antropologov (pervaia tret' XX v.) (together with Jocelyne DuddingRGO [in Russian]; RGO [in English]


Samoyedic Diary. The documentary film shot by two soviet ethnographers, Georgii and Ekaterina Prokofievs among European Nenets in 1929. Originally this film did not have a title and had 7 reels that are kept at the Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkamera). Besides its socio-political relevance, this documentary is of particular historical significance since it was the first film made by a Soviet ethnographer in the Arctic. It also depicted the collaboration between Franz Boas and his Russian colleagues, such as Vladimir Bogoras. I have been designed this documentary and presented it as the film in Russian, Nenets, and English languages. [see: Russian version, Nenets version, English version; Film about the film].

Peer Review

Reviewer of manuscripts for the following journals

English: Arctic AnthropologyAsian EthnicityPolar RecordJournal of Ethnology and FolkloristicsJournal of the Royal Anthropological InstituteSibirica: Interdisciplinary Journal of Siberian Studies; Visual Anthropology.

Russian: Anthropologicheskii forumEthnographisheskoe obozrenie, Sibirskie istoricheskie issledovaniaUral’skii istoricheskii vestnik

Conferences and Seminars Convened

Organazing conferences

2016, 24-26 October - X International Siberian Studies Conference Passion for Life: Emotions, Feelings, and Perception in the North and Siberia, Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Co-organizer. [101 participants from 13 countries and 17 Russian/Siberian cities]. Mass media: Yamal TV (Salekhard), Taymyr Dom Narodnogo tvorchestva (Dudinka), RGO (St.Petersburg), MAE (St.Petersburg), IIA UrO RAN (Ekaterinburg)

2013, 28-30 October – IX International Siberian Studies Conference Dimensions of Social Life: Anthropological Perspectives on Social Relations and Culture, Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Co-Organizer of the conference [150 participants from 15 countries and 21 Russian/Siberian cities and settlements] and a convener of the panel (together with David G. Anderson, Maria L. Nakshina) Siberia as Laboratory: State Projects, Identity Politics and Academic Knowledge.

Mass media: Yamal TV  

Review: Aimar Ventsel [Folklore: Electronic Journal of Folklore. 2014. Vol. 56. Pp. 159-160]

Organazing panels

2015, 7-11 September - Conference on Hunting and Gathering Societies, Vienna, Austria, University of Vienna, convener of the panel (together with David G. Anderson) Theories from the field? Siberian Ethnography of Hunter-Gatherers and Anthropological Theory.

2015, 7-10 July - XI Congress of Ethnographers and Anthropologists of Russia, Convener of the panel: Theories from the field: Siberian Ethnography and Anthropological Theory.

2013, 2-6 July – X Congress of Ethnographers and Anthropologists of Russia, Moscow. Convener of the panel (together with David G. Anderson) Anthropologies of the North and Siberia: a dialog of concepts in (Post-)Soviet and European anthropologies.

2010, 24-27 August - Crisis and imagination. European Association of Social Anthropologists. 11th Biennial Conference. National University of Ireland, Maynooth. Convener of the panel Commodification of indigenous cultures.


Organazing seminars

2012–2016 – convener together with Vladimir N. Davydov Northern Anthropological Seminar of MAE (6 seminars per year).

2012, 10-11 December – Wenner-Gren Research seminar Etnos, Etnogenez, and the ‘Peoples of Siberia’, St.Petersburg, Russia. Conveners: David G. Anderson and Dmitry V. Arzyutov.

Public Activity


"Forgotten film from the tundra" (Zabytoe kino iz tundry, Yamal, TV) is the film about my film "Samoyedic Diary" (1929-30/2016) [in Russian]

Video presentations

PostNauka/PostScience: Shirokogoroff’s theory of ethnos

Text; Review in English (1), Review in English (2)

PostNauka/PostScience: Some Features of Soviet Ethnography 

X Congress of Russian ethnographers and anthropologists (Moscow, 2013): Theory of Etnos and Dialogues of Anthropologies

X Congress of Russian ethnographers and anthropologists (Moscow, 2013): The Islands of the Theory of Etnos


Mass media

PostNauka/PostScience: 5 best books on the history of Soviet ethnography

PostNauka/PostScience: Museums in Modern Society



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