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The University of Aberdeen Room F37,
Department of Politics and International Relations,
University of Aberdeen,
Edward Wright Building,
Dunbar Street,
Aberdeen AB24 3QY
Media enquiries: tel: +44 (0)7879773837
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ArabTransformations Project ; ResearchgateAcademia.edu ; Social Science Research Network ; Twitter 


Andrea Teti is Senior Lecturer at the University of Aberdeen and member of the Centre for Civil Society and Rule of Law (CISRUL). 

His research focuses on the politics of democracy promotion in Euro-Mediterranean relations, and he was Principal Investigator and Consortium Coordinator for the ArabTransformations Project (2015-16) funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme. He has also written on Egyptian politics, knowledge production in Social Science, and the work of Michel Foucault. His academic publications appear in English, Italian and French. He is editor of Hidden Geographies: Informal Power in the Greater Middle East with Gennaro Gervasio and Luca Anceschi. Recent publications include The Arab Uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt and Jordan (2017), and articles on corruption (2017) and the role of youth in the Uprisings (2018). 

In 2016, he joined the Editorial Board of Middle East Critique. 

Andrea has appeared on national and international media, including the BBC, Al-Jazeera English, France24, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Australia's SBS, Deutsche Welle, Voice of America, and Italy's RAI state broadcaster. He is also a regular contributor to OpenDemocracy and The Conversation, and has written for various newspapers and magazines including NewsweekCommon Dreams, Middle East Report (US), The ScotsmanBerfroisAberdeen Press & JournalThe Big Issue (UK), To Vima (Greece), L’UnitàIl Manifesto, La Repubblica, Il Fatto Quotidiano, VICE News ItaliaMinima et Moralia, AffariItaliani (Italy), Mada MasrAswat Masriya, Egypt IndependentAl-Youm Al-Sabe’a, The Cairo Post (Egypt), IslamopediaQantara, and several others.


Research Interests

  • Middle Eastern Politics: Egypt, democracy & authoritarianism, civil society, labour movements, Israel/Palestine
  • IR Theory/Political Theory: Poststructuralism, Foucault, Deleuze, Debord, Gramsci, Constructivism
  • Democracy, democratization, democracy-promotion: especially EU and UK democracy assistance towards the Middle East

Current Research

My primary area of research is currently the politics of democracy-promotion in the Middle East, specifically the relationship between how knowledge is produced, translated into policy, applied, and how resulting political dynamics affect knowledge production in turn. I have a particular interest in labour movements and civil society groups in the Middle East, as well as political parties and elections. With Gennaro Gervasio, I also look at the authoritarian practices of the Egyptian regime, in particular the range of techniques being used to empty democratic commitments of any substance. With Pamela Abbott and others, I work on innovative approaches to using survey data to analyse Middle East politics. Recent publications include The Arab Uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt and Jordan, and articles on corruption and the role of youth in the Uprisings.  

My main area of theoretical interest is poststructuralism. Here, I worked on the archaeology and geneaology of Constructivism in International Relations and on the production of knowledge on the Middle East and in democratization studies, as well as on the debate between Edward Said and Michel Foucault. My current theoretical research maps and develops the concepts of avowal (aveu) and confession in Foucault, showing their applicability to a wide range of problems and fields (e.g. democracy, debt, and political radicalisation).


  • Fellow, Centre for Modern Thought (CMT)
  • Fellow, Centre for Civil Society and Rule of Law (CISRUL)
  • Centre for Global Security and Governance (CGSG)

Research Grants

  • Scientific Lead, Arab Transformations Project, 2013-2016, Funded under the EU's Framework Programme 7 (€2.49m, SSH-2012, grant number 320214)
  • PI, Carnegie Trust, 2013-2014: "Paradoxes of Western Democracy-promotion in the Middle East: Conceptions of Democracy in Donors and Recipients"
  • Co-PI, University of Aberdeen, College of Arts & Social Science (RPAS), 2011-2015 Interdisciplinary Approaches to Violence programme

Teaching Responsibilities

Undergraduate and Masters

I teach various courses on IR theory and Middle East politics at both undergraduate and graduate levels. I am currently co-ordinator for Middle Eastern Politics (Honours), Global Politics from the Middle East (Honours) and Political Theories and Ideologies.


Doctoral Research Supervision


Areas of Supervision:

I am interested in supervising undergraduate or graduate research projects in the following areas:
  • Middle East politics (e.g. International Relations of the Middle East, impact of globalisation, political & economic liberalisation, democratisation, foreign policies of major powers towards the region, etc.)
  • Political Theory / IR Theory (particularly Foucault, Deleuze, Debord and Gramsci)
  • Democracy, Democratization, Authoritarianism

Current Research Students:

Former Research Students:

  • Dr Sarah Hynek (2018) (Comparative Constitutionalism and Statecraft, with Johan Rasanayagam)
  • Dr Hanifi Baris (Centre for Civil Society and Rule of Law (CISRUL), with Tamas Gyorfi and Trevor Stack)
  • Dr Kandida Purnell, Teaching Fellow, University of Aberdeen, 2017-18; Lecturer, City University, 2018+
  • Anna Grudzinska Centre for Civil Society and Rule of Law (CISRUL), (with Karin Friedrich and Trevor Stack)
  • Dr Ulisses Pereira Terto Neto (2015, with Trevor Stack and Matyas Bodig; Lecturer, IESB, Brazil)
  • Dr Stuart Maltman (2016)
  • Dr Manal El-Shihry (2016)
  • Dr Alessandro Rippa (2015, with Martin Mills) Research Fellow, University of Munich
  • Dr Samantha May (with Martin Mills); Research Fellow, University of Aberdeen



Further Info

External Responsibilities

  • 2017-20      External Examiner, University of Leeds, BA in Arab, Islamic, and Middle East Studies
  • 2017+         Grant Assessor, Carnegie Endowment for the Universities of Scotland
  • 2016+         Board of Editors, Middle East Critique

Admin Responsibilities

  • REF Impact Case Coordinator, Department of Politics & International Relations (2017+)
  • School Disabilities Officer (2018+)
  • Consortium Director, Arab Transformations Project (€2.49m, EU FP7, 2013-2016)
  • Director, Centre for Global Security and Governance (2013-2015)
  • Co-Director, Interdisciplinary Approaches to Violence doctoral cluster (2010-2014)
  • Overseas Exchange Co-ordinator, Non-EU & Erasmus (Aberdeen, 2008-18)

Areas of Supervision

  • Political Theory
  • Middle East Politics
  • EU Neighbourhood Policy, Democracy Assistance

Media activity

Media appearances include interviews and/or full programmes for France24, Al-Jazeera English, Canada’s CBC, Deutsche Welle, SBS (Australia), RAI 1, RAI 3, Radio 3 Mondo, GR1, GR2 (Italy), BBC (Radio 4’s Today Programme, Radio Scotland, BBC Wales) and ITV (UK), and KPFK Pacifica (USA). I regularly contribute to OpenDemocracy, The Conversation,and to Greece’s main weekend broadsheet To Vima. Since 2010, I have also written for and been cited in outlets including The Scotsman, Berfrois, The Big Issue (UK), La Repubblica, Il Corriere della Sera, Il Fatto, L’Unità, Il Manifesto, VICE News Italia (Italy), Mada Masr, Egypt Independent, Al-Youm Al-Sabe’a, The Cairo Post (Egypt), AffariItaliani, Islamopedia, Qantara and others.


  • forthcoming Foucault, M. A. Teti [transl.] “A Philosopher’s Answers”
  • 2011 F. Spitzer, A. Teti [transl.] From Concentration Camp to Freedom, DIANE Publishing Co.
  • 2010 P. Caridi, A. Teti [transl.] Hamas: Genesis and Objectives of the Islamist Movement, 1st ed.: Jerusalem: PASSIA; 2nd ed.: New York: Seven Stories Press/Columbia Univ. Press.

Publications in print media and specialist outlets

  • 2018    Teti, A. and Abbott, P. “Al-Sisi poised for empty victory in Egypt as signs of unrest grow across the region”; reprinted in TheWire.in, 28/3; MENA-Forum.comSabrangIndia.in,27/3
  • 2018    Teti, A. and Abbott, P. “Tunisia is back on a knife edge – here’s why” The Conversation, 17/01; reprinted in News24.com 18/01, Scroll.in, 20/01, MirrorMedia.mg 21/01,and the Economic Research Forum (ERF) 30/01
  • 2017    Teti, A. “Egypt’s predictable tragedy,” OpenDemocracy,30/11 (Front Page on 02/12, 03/12); reprinted in Marsad Egypt and RadioFree.org
  • 2017    Teti, A. and Abbott, P. “Against the tide: why women's equality remains a distant dream in Arab countries,” The Conversation, 20/4; reprinted in NewsweekYahoo NewsGlobalNPO and New Age Islam,21/4
  • 2017    Abbott, P., Teti, A., & DeJesus, K. “Iraq must now rebuild itself – and that means fixing its dreadful governance,” The Conversation, 31/07; reprinted on Informed CommentMetro News, and BeccariaPortal, 01/08
  • 2017    Sorbera, L., Teti, A., Gervasio, G., & De Angelis, E. “Giulio Regeni e le Ragioni della Giustizia,” Minima & Moralia, 1–5; translated and reprinted in English and Arabic on Mada Masr, and in French on Orient XXI.
  • 2017    Teti, A., & Abbott, P.  “Perceptions of EU foreign policy in the MENA region,” OpenDemocracy, 12/08; reprinted in Centre for Security Studies Blog (ETH Zurich), 30/08
  • 2017    Teti, A., & Abbott, P. “What do people in the Arab countries want? Conceptions of democracy,” OpenDemocracy, 12/08; reprinted in MyNews LibyaLibya Tribune, 16/08
  • 2017    Teti, A., Abbott, P., & Dagher, M. “Iraq after ISIS: continued conflict or rebuilding beyond ethno-sectarian identities?” OpenDemocracy, 12/08
  • 2017    Abbott, P., Teti, A., & Sapsford, R. “Public disgust over corruption threatens stability in Middle East and North Africa,” The Conversation, 13/06; reprintedBusiness Standard, 14/06
  • 2015    Fominaya, C. F. and Teti, A. “Spain’s Hologram Protests,” OpenDemocracy, 15/06
  • 2014    Teti, A. “Egypt’s government by Baltaga”, Middle East Research and Information Project, July 4th; reprinted in OpenDemocracy, 05/07
  • 2014    Teti, A., G. Gervasio and V. Matthies-Boon, “Sisiphus: A Brittle System With No Prospect of Reform,” Middle East Report Online, 10/06; abridged & reprinted in Aswat Masriya, 17/06
  • 2014    A. Teti and S. Hynek“Verdict in Al Jazeera trial shows regime’s contempt for press freedom in Egypt”, The Conversation, 23/06; reprinted in MamaMia.com.au 24/06
  • 2014    A. Teti and S. Hynek, “Egypt prepares to hail former army chief as president”, The Conversation, 27/05
  • 2014    A. Teti and S. Hynek “In Egypt, El-Sisi’s victory may be short-lived,” OpenDemocracy, 26/5
  • 2014    A. Teti and S. Hynek, “Egypt prepares to hail former army chief,” The Conversation, 27/05
  • 2014    A. Teti, “Europe’s elites are more like Berlusconi than you think,” The Conversation, 18/04; reprinted in The Epoch Times, 18/04
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  • 2013    A. Teti, “Hoping for an Italian Spring?” OpenDemocracy, 10/03
  • 2012    A. Teti, V. Matthies-Boon and G. Gervasio “Morsy’s Miscalculations and the Ikhwan’s Impasse,” OpenDemocracy, 29/11; reprinted in Berfrois.
  • 2012    A. Teti, “The Revolution Continues: Morsy’s Miscalculations and the Ikhwan’s Impasse,” Berfrois, 29/11; reprinted in OpenDemocracy.
  • 2012    A. Teti and G. Gervasio “Egypt’s Presidential Elections,” openDemocracy, 19/06
  • 2012    A. Teti, “NATO Middle East policy reform: learning from EU failures,” openSecurity, 21/5; reprinted as “The Dangers of ‘Stability’” in Atlantic Community
  • 2012    A. Teti, “Italy’s Elections and the European Social Model,” openDemocracy, 10/05
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