War, Commemoration, Military Culture and Identity Politics in Scotland

War, Commemoration, Military Culture and Identity Politics in Scotland

'War, Commemoration, Military Culture and Identity Politics in Scotland' (2017-18) is funded by the Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland (RG13890/70560). This project analyses the visual and narrative manifestations of Scottish military culture through an investigation of commemorative rituals and Scottish military museums.

Research Team:  Dr Natasha Danilova, Principal Investigator, Emma Dolan, Research Assistant and Dr Kandida Purnell, Research Associate

War commemorationThe aim of the project is to explore how modern Scotland repositions its identity in relations to martial traditions and values during the post-devolution period, from 2000 onwards. In particular, we focus on political narratives associated with military-related commemorations as a means to advance our understanding of how modern Scotland redefines its relations with the military while also adapting to changes caused by devolution, the 2014 Scottish independence referendum, and the eventual outcome of the 2016 Brexit vote.

We pose four main research questions:

  • What are the main characteristics of the Scottish tradition of war remembrance?

  • How is the idea of Scottishness articulated through political narratives associated with the military- centric rituals and commemorations during the post-devolution period (i.e. the legacy of Scottish regiments and the First World War centenary)?

  • How do military museums depict Scottish military experiences and engage with the idea of Scottishness?

  • What are the main political implications of identity politics administrated through military-centric commemorations?

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