External Seminars

External Seminars

External Anthropology Webinars, Spring 2021


Below are a list of seminars available online through UK anthropology departments this spring. Since these are external seminars, attendance is not guaranteed. All times are GMT. If you know of any other webinars that staff and students of the Anthropology Department would enjoy, please send details to m.a.mills@abdn.ac.uk.


  • Thursday 28th January, 4pm (Zoom).  Raheel Dhattiwala (Universiteit van Amsterdam). Warm bonds or functional transactions? Being neighbours in Delhi 1984 and Ahmedabad 2002. https://ed-ac-uk.zoom.us/j/86024928614 Meeting ID: 860 2492 8614 Passcode: Dtct0pz6
  • Friday 29 January 2021, 3pm (Teams). Laurence Ralph (Princeton). Global Reckonings in Torture. Uni. Of Oxford Decolonising anthropology and the anthropology of colonialism series. Convened by Morgan Clarke and Clare Harris. Details for joining  here.
  • Friday 29th January, 3pm. Adia Benton (Northwestern University). Spy, patrol, police: Black life and the production of epidemiological knowledge from Atlanta to Freetown. Further details here. Register here.


  • Monday 1 February, 4.30pm (Teams). Irene Maffi (Université de Lausanne) A Revolution for Women? Access to contraception and abortion care in post-revolutionary Tunisia. Contact for participation on MS Teams: elisabeth.hsu@anthro.ox.ac.uk or gaia.ardizzone@anthro.ox.ac.uk  
  • Wednesday 3 February 2021, 11am (Teams). Will Tuladhar-Douglas (Research Fellow, Hamburg University) Medicine Mountains along the Himalayas: Healing, Trade, and Ecology. Joining details here.
  • Monday 8 February, 4.30pm (Teams) Rishita Nandagiri (LSE) Rethinking ‘Fertility’ and ‘Voluntary’ Family Planning in Population and Development. Oxford Fertility and Reproduction Studies Seminars. Contact for participation on MS Teams: elisabeth.hsu@anthro.ox.ac.uk  or gaia.ardizzone@anthro.ox.ac.uk.  
  • Wednesday 10 February, 4.30pm - 6pm (Zoom): Christien Tompkins (Rutgers). Reconstructing Race: Design Thinking and the Future of Schools in Post Katrina New Orleans. Goldsmiths. Register here.
  • Thursday 11th Feb (Zoom) – Roundtable discussion. Caribbean migration to Britain. The Cultural Identity and Memory Studies Institute (CIMS). Further details here. E-mail cims@st-andrews.ac.uk to attend.
  • Friday 12 February, 12pm (Teams). Abigail Moffett (UEA) Divining value in subtle traces: Exploring the potential of new analytical methods to study shell beads. Pitt Rivers Museum Research Seminar in Visual, Material and Museum Anthropology. Contact Christopher Morton (christopher.morton@prm.ox.ac.uk) to attend.
  • 24 February, 1pm (Zoom).  Dr David Pratten (Oxford) The arts of intimacy and insecurity in the Niger Delta. Univ. of Bristol Anthropology and Archaeology Research Seminars. Details available here. Registration details TBC.
  • 26th February, 3pm (Zoom). Abou Farman (New School). Terminality from Cosmic Alienation and Planetary Rift to Planetary Grief. Univ. of Edinburgh Social Anthropology Research Seminars. Details here. Registration details TBC.


  • 3rd March, 4.30pm - 6pm (Zoom): Mariam Durrani (Hamilton College): The Imperial Optic: Pakistani Muslim Youth, Race, and Mobility. Univ. Goldsmiths Anthropology Series. Details here. Register here.  
  • 10 March, 1-3pm (Zoom). Dr Aiyana Willard (Brunel University London) Why are humans religious? The cognitive and cultural origins of religious belief.  Univ. of Bristol Seminars in Anthropology and Archaeology. Details here. Registration TBC.
  • 17 March 2021, 2pm (Zoom). Dr Sienna Craig (Dartmouth College, United States): Kinship, care, connection: Himalayan lives between Nepal and New York.  Registration details TBC, available here:
  • 17 March, 4.30pm (Zoom). Noah Tamarkin (Cornell University): Race, Indigeneity, and Genetic Ancestry in South Africa. Goldsmiths Anthropology Seminar Series. Register here.
  • 24 March, 1pm (Zoom). Dr Nick Marquez-Grant (Cranfield University:) Forensic Anthropology in the 21st Century. Details here, registration TBC.
  • 24 March, 5pm (Zoom). Savannah Shange (University of California, Santa Cruz): Black Skin, Brown Masks: Carceral Progressivism and the Co-Optation of Multiracial Politics. Goldsmiths Anthropology Seminar Series, Co-sponsored by The Centre for Feminist Research. Register here.
  • 26th March, 3pm (Zoom) Savannah Shange (University of California, Santa Cruz): We Got Outsiders Up in Here: Anti-Blackness & the Borders of the Progressive Imaginary. University of Edinburgh Anthropology Research Seminar. Details here; registration TBC.


  • 28 April, 1-3pm (Zoom). Dr Peter Dunne (University of Bristol): New frontiers for gender rights. Details here; registration TBC.


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