Gioia Barnbrook

Christina Bosbach
Joao Canto Loguercio Phenomenological and historical premises of human-animal relations in droving and herding activities in the Scottish Highlands and Brazilian Pampa
Erin Consiglio
Cristina Douglas Bonding at the very end: Emerging personhood during end-of-life and palliative care through Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT).
Alexandra Falter Education and learning processes, knowledge transmission, human-plant relations
Maya Fischer Death and funerary practices in a Moroccan Islamic context
Yu Han

Sarah Hiepler
Kirsty Kernohan Pursuing gendered experience through material-social relationships
Anna Kuprian Negotiating contested landscapes: The lupin controversy in Iceland
Paolo Maccagno Limit: A movement of exposure
Asama Mungkornchai
Catherine Munro Historic and contemporary relationships between people and ponies in Shetland
Ursula Obrusnik
Simon Peres States of matter: A phenomenological exploration through Japanese architecture
Deborah Pinniger Reconsidering notions of reading, inscription and education - Through the shaping of dyslexics’ bodily and environmental knowledge
Annemiek Prins 'Caught up in traffic' - Experiences of congestion among rickshaw pullers in Dhaka
Tamara Ranspot Music and human-animal relationships among Northern Athabascans
Theophile Robert
Elishka Stirton Crafting light: Making and perceiving with light
Chuck Sturtevant Millenarianism, political organisation and practices that manifest (non-)state power in the Bolivian Amazon
Natalie Wahnsiedler
Judith Winter Untitled (Bauhaus 1919–1933): Listening to what the Bauhaus has to tell us in the present.
Dilara Yilmaz