Gioia Barnbrook
Joao Canto Loguercio Phenomenological and historical premises of human-animal relations in droving and herding activities in the Scottish Highlands and Brazilian Pampa
Erin Consiglio
Cristina Douglas Bonding at the very end: Emerging personhood during end-of-life and palliative care through Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT).
Alexandra Falter Education and learning processes, knowledge transmission, human-plant relations
Maya Fischer Death and funerary practices in a Moroccan Islamic context
Yu Han
Gyorgy Henyei Neto Materiality exhibited: handicraft life from raw material to museum spaces
Kirsty Kernohan
Anna Kuprian Negotiating contested landscapes: The lupin controversy in Iceland
Paolo Maccagno Limit: A movement of exposure
Christopher Martin An object-biographical investigation of the Northwest Coast American collections at the Perth Museum and Art Gallery.
Christine Moderbacher Crafting lives in Brussels. Making and mobility on the margins
Asama Mungkornchai
Catherine Munro Historic and contemporary relationships between people and ponies in Shetland
Ursula Obrusnik
Simon Peres States of matter: A phenomenological exploration through Japanese architecture
Deborah Pinniger Reconsidering notions of reading, inscription and education - Through the shaping of dyslexics’ bodily and environmental knowledge
Annemiek Prins 'Caught up in traffic' - Experiences of congestion among rickshaw pullers in Dhaka
Tamara Ranspot Music and human-animal relationships among Northern Athabascans
Theophile Robert
Paula Schiefer Cultivating salmon. Human-fish relations in Bethel, Alaska
Elishka Stirton Crafting light: Making and perceiving with light
Chuck Sturtevant Millenarianism, political organisation and practices that manifest (non-)state power in the Bolivian Amazon
Natalie Wahnsiedler
Judith Winter Untitled (Bauhaus 1919–1933): Listening to what the Bauhaus has to tell us in the present.
Dilara Yilmaz