I am registered on one of the BSc programmes.  Can I go on a year’s placement?

If your grades are appropriate you can apply to undertake a placement. You must register for, and attend, the pre-requisite course - BT3006 in the first semester of your third year. This course is designed to help students apply for year-long placements. If you are successful in securing a placement you will be moved onto the MSci programme.

What happens if I am registered on the MSci programme but do not secure a placement?

If you do not secure a year’s placement, or if you decide you would prefer not to take one, you will be transferred to the corresponding BSc programme and will go directly into honours year (if qualified to do so) after your third year of study.

How long do placements last?

Placements last for a full calendar year – not a standard academic year. Start dates are decided between the student and their host organisation and can be any time between the end of the exam period in May and the start of the new academic semester in September. Students must complete their year in placement in time to return to university at the start of the next academic year in September.

Can I go abroad for my placement or do I need to stay in the UK?

Yes you can go abroad. It is common for students to go to mainland Europe for their placement but it is possible to go further afield.

Am I still registered as a student when on placement?

Yes, students remain registered as full-time students of the University of Aberdeen.

How much are my fees while on placement?

Students are generally charged half fees while on placement but this will depend on your fee status. If you would like to discuss your fees while on placment please contact Dr Allison Carrington.

Do I pay council tax while on placement in the UK?

As you are still registered as a full-time student while on placement the same rules apply re council tax as during the rest of your studies if you are living in the UK. If you are undertaking a placement abroad you will be subject to the rules of the country in which you are working.

Will I be paid while on placement?

This will depend on where you go on placment. Most companies will pay a salary while you are working with them but the amount will vary between companies and will also depend on the cost of living in the country in which you are working. Some companies and research organisations do not pay students but if you are working in a country covered by the Erasmus programme you may be able to apply for an Erasmus trainee grant.

Will I have a supervisor in my placement organisation?

Yes. You will have a supervisor in your host organisation. He/she will usually be the person you are working with on a day-to-day basis but it may be your group leader or other person in the organisation.

What kind of University support will I have while on placement?

You are assigned a University placement tutor before you go on placement. He/she will be your first point of contact if you need advice relating to any of your university assignments. You will also have the support of the Industrial Placement Coordinator. 

Will I have to complete any University assignments while on Placement?

Yes. The year is credit bearing and is assessed via a number of written assignments submitted during your year on placement. You complete your year by submitting a thesis, undertaking a short viva voce (oral exam) and presenting a poster at a student conference for placement and summer research students.

Does the placement year count towards my final degree classification?

No.  Your final degree classification is dependent wholly on the grades from your honours year. A successful year in placement enables you to graduate with an MSci rather than a BSc.

What happens if I fail my placement year?

If you do not attain a pass grade for your year in placement you will not be able to graduate with an MSci. However, you will still be eligible to enter honours year when you return to Aberdeen.  If you successfully pass honours year you will graduate with a BSc.

What happens after my placement year?

When you complete your placement you return to the University to complete your final (honours) year. You will be integrated into the honours year just as if you had moved into honours straight from third year.