G2M Frequently Asked Questions

Entry Requirements

What are the entry requirements for the G2M programme?

You can find our academic and eligibility requirements here.

You must meet both the academic and the eligibility criteria to apply.  If your academic grades exceed the requirements e.g. AAAB at Higher we would still welcome your application.

Eligibility Criteria
  • I only meet one of the eligibility critera, can i still be considered?
    • No.  Only applicants who meet at least twoof the eligibility criteria (and are able to provide evidence where appropriate) may apply for this programme.  If you not meet our eligibility criteria, your application will be rejected.


  • What does 'resident in an area with a postcode which falls within the lowest 20% of the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD) mean?
    • If you choose this eligibility criterion the admissions office will use your home address and postcode detailed on your UCAS application form to check eligibility.  Only one home address can be used, this must be the address on your UCAS form.  More information on SIMD can be found here.



  • What does 'care experienced' mean?
    • This is someone who has been looked after by a local authority and may still be receiving local authority support.


  • How do I prove I meet the eligibility criteria?
    • After you have applied for the A1A1 programme via UCAS, you will be sent an eligibility criteria form that must be completed by a teacher at your school and returned to the admissions office by the deadline as stated in the email.  Evidence maybe required for some criteria but this will be indicated on the form.  Your application will not be considered until the eligibility criteria form has been recieved by the admissions office.  If you are not able to meet the criteria, you will not be considered for entry.


  • I dont live in Scotland, can I still apply?
    • No.  This programme is specifically designed for Scottish domiciled students.  If you are in doubt as to whether you classify as a home fees student, please visit the UKCISA website or contact us for further information.
G2M Background

Our Gateway2Medicine (G2M) programme has been designed to transform the aspirations and ambitions of secondary school pupils from a widening access background in Scotland, and who may have considered that application to medical school is too ambitious, unrealistic and out of their reach.

In our unique partnership with North East Scotland College (NESCOL), our G2M course will provide a novel, accessible and supportive route into medicine for these applicants, that will allow them to reach their full potential and become doctors.

Our G2M programme is designed to support the delivery of the target set by the Scottish Government’s “Commission on Widening Access - Technical paper on measures and targets which is that by 2030, students from the 20% most deprived backgrounds should represent 20% of entrants to higher education.

Our programme is fully supported by the Scottish Government and NHS Grampian.