Funded ISSF Projects

Funded ISSF Projects

Seed Corn Fund

Nimesh Mody & Matteo Zanda

Use of vitamin A-like drugs as new treatments for obesity and type-2 diabetes.

Lars Erwig & Neil Gow

Natural antibodies to detect and prevent fungal infection.

Adilia Warris, Neil Vargesson & Neil Gow

Are cystic fibrosis patients more vulnerable to fungal infections? A zebrafish could have the answer.

Alexandra Brand

Using fluorescent tags to visualise fungal activity during infection.

Al Brown, Alan Walker & Megan Lenardon

How do gut microorganisms affect the growth of fungi in our gut?

Carol Munro & Louise Walker

Developing new technology for understanding Candida’s tolerance to drugs.

Megan Lenardon, Andrew Porter, Donna MacCallum & Soumya Palliyil

New tools for the treatment and detection of serious fungal infections.

Duncan Wilson, Donna MacCallum & Adilia Warris

Investigating the causes of pathological inflammation.

Stefania Spanò

New antimicrobial treatments: Learning from the mouse immune system.

Alasdair MacKenzie

Editing the genome to understand the signals controlling inflammation and appetite.

Donna MacCallum & Megan Lenardon

Identifying the different fungi living in the human gut.

Justin Rochford, Anke Roelofs & Cosimo De Bari

Defining a novel population of stem cells and the fat tissue they make.

Mirela Delibegovic

Understanding the connections between obesity and cancer.

Vikki Entwistle

Initiatives to support ‘practical wisdom’ in contemporary healthcare.

Fellowship Support Fund

Giuseppe D’Agostino

Identifying the brain circuits that regulate appetite and weight gain.

Heather Morgan

What is the evidence for apps and wearables? New health technologies for chronic conditions.

Angus Macleod

Predicting and measuring disease progression in Parkinson’s disease.

Pablo Blanco Martinez de Morentin

Understanding the energy expenditure axis to combat obesity.

Women Returners

Indrani Mukhopadhya

Is Crohn’s disease going viral?

Fiona Murray

Understanding the signals controlling type 2 diabetes.

Katie Gillies

Improving recruitment and retention of participants to clinical trials.