The Aberdeen ISSF is administered by a small Steering Group, under the chairmanship of Professor Gary Macfarlane.

The Group’s remit will include review of ISSF proposals, assignment of funds to the priority areas, review of matching funding, audit ongoing monitoring and reporting. Criteria for allocation of funding within each category will include:

  • Activity within a strategic priority area
  • Excellence of the candidate / science
  • Fit with the strategic vision
  • Likely success in a future external funding application
  • Potential for inter-disciplinary and/or translational research

ISSF recipients will receive award letters stating the funding decision, the amount to be awarded, the identity of the matched funds and the reporting requirements. A condition of funding will be willingness to participate in a public engagement activity (usually related to the work funded) and to work with the ISSF/University-funded public engagement coordinator to disseminate and promote their research.

A reporting template will be issued to capture outcome information required for any future reporting and the assessment of impact from the award.

For any general enquiries related to the fund or its management please email