The FRAME Summer Studentship Programme is providing two financial awards to promising undergraduates in 2020. The grant is to support a short summer project in an area relating to the development of alternative methods to the use of animals in research. Attached is a poster to print off and display at your university and a flyer to share with your students. 

The research project doesn’t necessarily have to be a scientific project, it could be anything that has the potential to advance methods that will lead to the replacement of animals in research. This is an opportunity to think ‘outside the box’. It may not be immediately obvious that a project is related to the development of alternative techniques. 


Benefits of being accepted on the Programme:


• PR opportunities for the student, university and school

• Funding for research, consumables and expenses – up to £2,250

• An opportunity to gain experience in research that relates to the development of alternatives


Further information and application details can be found on the FRAME website.


The deadline for applications is 29th February 2020.