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Improving Your Writing

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Improving Your Writing

Spelling and Vocabulary

Common Confusions – Spelling

There are many of these ‘look–alikes’, and using the wrong word can cause certain readers to break out in a rash, so it is worth being careful. An online dictionary can be helpful.

Common Confusions – Meaning

You have probably all seen the spell-checked poem where every word is correctly spelled and the whole thing is a nonsense. This can happen if we use a correctly-spelled word which sounds the same as the one we intend, but which has a different meaning.

Building Vocabulary

It is important to build your vocabulary while studying, if only to avoid being stumped by exam questions! Note down new words which keep coming up in your coursework, and find a system of keeping track. An old address book can be a good place to keep new vocabulary, or index cards if you want to test yourself on them.