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Improving Your Writing

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Improving Your Writing


Paragraphs help your reader to understand, at a glance, that your ideas are grouped together with some sort of logic. The force of a piece of writing will be very much diluted if the reader is unable to see where paragraphs begin and end – or if, when reading them, he or she cannot grasp what the point of each paragraph is.

Paragraph Division

A first consideration is what format you will adopt to show the reader where your paragraphs begin and end. Some essays and texts start each paragraph at the left margin with no indentation, but leave a space in between each paragraph. Another format is to leave no space between paragraphs, but to indent the beginning of each paragraph. Whichever you choose, be consistent.

Paragraph Content

Paragraphs group your ideas into clear points. Since the aim of most academic writing is to convince the reader of a particular interpretation or hypothesis, it is vitally important that your writing guide the reader through a series of logically-ordered points (the argument). By organising your ideas into paragraphs, you help the reader understand where your argument is going.