• Once you've registered your choice of courses and completed your electronic registration you'll be able to find information about timetables on your Student Hub. But be warned! This can be misleading (and alarming!) at first glance, as it often lists ALL the tutorials for each course.

    Remember that you only need to go to ONE tutorial or language group for each course every week. In some cases you can register for this electronically through MyAberdeen but in other cases you will be allocated to a group.
  • When you look at your timetable, you will probably find that you only have classes in each subject for 3 or 4 hours a week. This is because you are expected to do a considerable amount of independent study (about 6 hours a week for each 15-credit course). For instance, if you are studying a play or a novel, you will need to read it in your own time, before the tutorial on that book. You will not be reading it in class. So full-time students will be working for a total of around 36 hours per week. You need to bear this in mind if you take a part-time job.
  • All this means that you need to manage your time carefully, and organize your work efficiently (and these skills will be some of the most important you have to offer employers when you leave here.)
  • As a first step, get a diary and write all your classes (with rooms) in it, and keep it with you at all times.